Fighters of the specialbattalion "Nikolaev" on the Luhansk region beat off attack of terrorists – one member of spetsnaz is wounded

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Fighters of a specialbattalion «Nikolaev» (it is known as «Saint Nikolay» ) which serve in zone anti-terrorist operation in the Luhansk region, were ambushed. One of members of spetsnaz got wound. 

About it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» reported reliable sources in anti-terrorist operation staff. 

We will remind that at present the Nikolaev members of spetsnaz from Spetsrota militias perform tasks in Donetsk region, and fighters of the specialbattalion "Nikolaev" - in Lugansk. 

According to the source, close occupied Dmitrovka in the Luhansk region group of members of spetsnaz of a battalion of special troops «Nikolaev» , combing the district regarding identification of diversionary groups and ambushes of terrorists, it was fired from an ambush. 

«Around one from a forest plantation, in a night-time on employees of a specialbattalion of militia «Nikolaev» fire from the automatic weapon was opened. Members of spetsnaz engaged which lasted more than 10 minutes. As a result of the clash, one officer of special troops - the commander of an assault platoon of the battalion "Nikolaev", got severe wounds» , - the interlocutor told.  

At the same time, the group of terrorists was disseminated by backfire. To the aid of the Nikolaev members of spetsnaz, there arrived group of fast reaction led by the commander of a battalion «Nikolaev» major Vitaly Goncharov. 

«As a result of inspection of the district there was a found-out place of an ambush of terrorists, also more than one hundred sleeves from the Kalashnikov and blood traces that that testifies that among terrorists also there are losses» , - the interlocutor of the edition told. 

At present the wounded officer of a specialbattalion of militia «Nikolaev» it is taken to regional hospital where doctors prepare for carrying out operation, on bullet extraction. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported that fighters of a specialbattalion «Saint Nikolay» serve in zone anti-terrorist operation.  

It is known that fighters of a specialbattalion «Saint Nikolay» in zone anti-terrorist operation already managed to detain and transfer SBU some groups of terrorists. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported that part of fighters of special forces «Nikolaev» earlier carried out fighting tasks in the territory of Donetsk region and now battalion in full strength serves in the Luhansk region.  

It is known that to a battalion of militia of a special purpose «Nikolaev» , which fighters take part in Anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, soon deliver one more armor «KAMAZ» , presented by representatives of large business

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