"Would find ** дь, cheap stuff", - promise the Russian military for participation in fights in Ukraine "four salaries" and a medal

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Promise the Russian military for participation in fights in Ukraine «four salaries» and medal.

There is a speech about it in published on a video hosting «Youtube» conversation recordings of mother and the girl of the Russian marine from military unit gorodf the Satellite of Murmansk region.

So, in conversation it is mentioned that the Russian marine was sent to Lugansk for 20 days. However, he reluctantly speaks about it even to dear people and in every possible way suppresses this fact, claiming that «I was in Rostov on doctrines». For a trip to the professional soldier «promised four salaries» - 48 thousand rubles (about 1 thousand 150 dollars).  

- He spoke «promised us on four salaries» , - the girl of the Russian military speaks.

- These are salaries? Would find ** дь, cheap stuff. For 50 thousand to go for 20 days–it is idiot to be and the fool, - mother of the marine objects it. 

Thus she says that «for 400 thousand» it is possible to go to be at war to Ukraine.

Also from conversation it becomes known that the marine was put to an award–medals of Suvorov, which «military personnel for the personal courage and courage shown at protection of the Fatherland and the state interests of the Russian Federation in military operations on the land» is awarded. However mother of the military believes that the medal to her son - the private won't get–it to themselves will be taken away to themselves by senior ranks:

- You will think, some contract employee can and be lowered. At the expense of such - that majors and colonels now will arrive, ranks popoluchat.

Besides, in conversation it is mentioned that military from 200 separate motor-shooting crews (the city of Pechenga of Murmansk region) took part in military operations on Donbass. In October from the Satellite and Pechengi also prepared «four echelons» , which were supposed to be sent to Ukraine. 

We will remind as it was reported earlier, in a network there was a conversation allegedly military the Russian Federation one of which was engaged in protection «humanitarian escort» from the Russian Federation.

Вадим Богданов

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