"We will share after war", - the leader of terrorists in Stakhanov is struck that, how many it is necessary to pay pensions to hungry old men

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The leader of terrorist formations of the so-called Russian Cossacks Pavel Dremov, whose fighters seized the city of Stakhanov and its vicinities, advised inhabitants of these occupied territories to follow an example of besieged Leningrad. It is struck that, how many money retires and I recognized that these means for terrorists are enormous.

Dremov declared it on air of TV channel of terrorists.

We will remind that earlier Ukrainian government made the decision to stop social payments to inhabitants of occupied territories who remained under the power российско - terrorist troops. 

So, «ataman» I recognized that pensions aren't present, and to Cossacks of his helper Kozitsyn gave 10 million hryvnias on distribution to people. This sum was enough not for a lot of things, after all to provide Stakhanov and his vicinities at least with the minimum pension 59 million hryvnias monthly are necessary.

- We will share after war. Not now…When I promised on 500 hryvnias to pensioners, I simply didn't represent number of pensioners. When brought me from a pension fund only across Stakhanov 31 thousand pensioners, we counted and at us 15 million turned out. For us this sum…we don't represent it…Cash isn't enough for us for delivery of pensions.

- I will remind a small thing: from 1941 to 1953 nobody received salaries. People worked for idea…The person lazy from progress. If to take away progress from it, it will start moving.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Yenakiyevo, on the small homeland ex-the president Yanukovych, civilians arrange hungry revolts also demand from fighters of money.

Вадим Богданов

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