In Nikolaev the judge decided not to put for a lattice of the helper of terrorists who recorded video of feykovy "underground"

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The judge of the Central district court of Nikolaev Sergey Medyuk appointed probation to the 47-summer helper of terrorists so-called «DNR» , which shot for them video. Further it was used with «appeals to violent change of the constitutional system and capture of the government in the territory of Nikolayevshchina».

It is told about it in the corresponding sentence of court signed by Medyuk.

It is about video of feykovy Nikolaev «militias» or «undergrounds» , which was written down in the morning on March 24 last year against a monument to soldiers - to Afghans near park «Victories» in Nikolaev.

As it is noted in a sentence of court, the defendant was found guilty of commission of the criminal offense provided ch.2 by Art. 28 ch.2 Art. 109 of the Criminal code of Ukraine ( «The actions directed on violent change or overthrow of the constitutional system or on capture of the government» ). However, thus the court imposed it sentence in the form of imprisonment for a period of two years without confiscation of property with a trial period in one year. The judge Medyuk, having referred to application of practice of the European Court of Human Rights, I considered that it will be «sufficient type of punishment for the correction accused and preventions of new crimes». The defendant was released from - under guards in the courtroom, having stayed in an insulator about five months.

The court agreed that the video for which, actually, judged accused, was shot on a cell phone camera without any comments to it, and the sound was imposed on a video series already in «DNR» his helpers.

«The audio recording contains appeals to men of military age, the military personnel and the staff of power departments to join the ranks of army so-called «Novorossiya» for the purpose of release of the state from fascism, unconstitutional capture of the government on condition of which receiving they can significantly affect the sovereignty of the state, its form of government and a state system and create the bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority with violation of the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine: «new national army» , «SBU» , «MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS» and «device of officials» , - it is noted in a sentence of court.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that The SBU stopped activity of persons, which on behalf of feykovy «Nikolaev underground» propagandized terrorist activity «DNR» and «LPR». For deception of citizens on the Internet videos extended, in which it was told about allegedly active support by the population of the region of separatist ideas, appeals to commission of provocations and sounded «to guerrilla fight». Through social networks organizers of a fake tried suit disorders during holidays, however their efforts were in due time blocked by SBU.

So-called «Nikolaev guerrillas» themselves designate three former residents –Vladimir Slesarenko, and also Andrey and Sergey Dvoretskiye. Now these three disappear from justice on Donbass, having joined the ranks of terrorists. Terrorists involved local pro-Russian inhabitants in preparation of the anti-Ukrainian videos. 

Катерина Вовченко

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