In the Nikolaev area from - for constant humiliations the guy killed the friend

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The friendship of two guys from the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk of the Nikolaev area ended with murder, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. Children were interrupted by casual earnings and after work spent together time. Sergey who tried to be all the time the leader, periodically humiliated Vadim, especially, when friends were in the company of the acquaintances. Sergey humiliating selected at Vadim that money, cigarettes. So two months while Vadim couldn't suffer offense from the friend any more lasted.

Once he decided to get rid of the companion, however in not so peace way. Instead of breaking off the relations, Vadim enticed Sergey to the country where during walk on the river bank I suggested it to split a vodka bottle. The plan which was planned by Vadim, started working. After the drunk vodka Vadim started stating to the friend everything that he thinks of it, and then, having broken a bottle, cut to it a throat. The place of commission of murder was deserted therefore the corpse of Sergey dumped from the rock was difficult to be found.

In some days the local walking a dog, found the killed among stones. Exactly a week was necessary for right keepers to solve this crime. According to witnesses who saw companions that day, Vadim was the only thing who was near Sergey. The criminal detained when he only returned from the regional center. In spite of the fact that the guy tried to cover up tracks and even simulated suicide, militiamen had many proofs of his fault. Now it is in a pre-trial detention center and waits for a judgment.


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