Chernovitsky for "Simply I still didn't pay Rotara you always I waited"

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Disk of the capital mayor Leonid Chernovetsky which had to go on sale still on March 5 while becomes dusty in a warehouse. According to a source in KGGA, the collection doesn't leave from - for problems with copyright.

In musical shops of the capital of record which promise to sell on an equal basis with other disks - on 30 hryvnias, for a long time wait. "Buyers already ask about it, - the manager of one of shops told, - I think that it will be on sale not bad".

"Chernovetsky sings songs the rights on which belong to other people. Now we solve it, - told in an environment of the mayor. - And the design of a cover doesn't arrange, redraw. Therefore to tell precisely when there is a disk, it is difficult". But songs from a debut album in honor of March 8 each 35 minutes play on municipal radio "Kiev", and it doesn't confuse none of the city hall.

Among songs in the collection is as old, it seems "Don't pour to me salt on a wound" Vyacheslav Dobrynin and Stas Mikhaylov's "Candle", and modern, for example, the song "Reach" (Katya Lel), "A lip your scarlet" (Taisiya Povaly) and "Ladies' choice dance" (Sofia Rotaru).

"Everything, as for legal registration of the rights for the song, we have no claims, for 100%", - the husband and Taisiya Povaly's producer Igor Likhuta told. The mayor paid the singer for the right of execution of her hit, but how many - g - Likhut's N doesn't speak. Earlier the couple had problems with audiopirates. To that Chernovetsky decided to sing the song Povaly, it belonged normally. But here the idea to sing a duet while to anybody didn't come from them. As for vocal skills of the mayor, the producer answered: "Here the fact of level of a vocal isn't important, the accent is put that such person wanted to sing. Anybody wouldn't discuss a vocal if sang Tymoshenko or Yushchenko. Simply the soul asks from it". They will surely get a disk.

And here in Sofia Rotaru's environment that the mayor sings the song "Ladies' choice dance", heard for the first time. "I know nothing about it, - the daughter-in-law of Sofia told Rotar Svetlana Evdokimenko, - he, probably, non-public does it? " Having heard that the mayor sings this song at concerts (for example, on February 14 in the city hall on "Karnavaliya"), was surprised. But Mikhalychu's court doesn't threaten:"You know, all sing songs Rotara, we don't forbid admirers of creativity to sing, we won't have legal proceedings because nobody will compete with Sofia Mikhaylovna".

"The rights for execution now in Ukraine cost about $500 without replication, - the lawyer Vitaly Shchebelsky told us, - if the song publish on a disk, from everyone it is necessary to pay about 1,50 UAH for each song" (t. е if to consider that on a disk 10 of songs, but 2 - national, from one disk the mayor should distribute at least 12 hryvnias that songs are sung a cover). Punishment depends on an amount of damage, there can be administrative and even a criminal liability. Deliberate copyright infringement and the adjacent rights are punished by a penalty from 10, and in especially large sizes to 3000 not taxed minima (from 170 to 51000 hryvnias), till two years of corrective works or will deprivation for the same term with destruction of all copies.


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