As "part" Ukrainians. Top of 5 most widespread ways of fraud

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Today in militia hundreds swindled citizens daily address, demand, in - the first, to return them money (which, having listened openmouthed, voluntary gave to swindlers), in - the second, approximately to punish speculators. On what swindlers most often make a fool of Ukrainians?

If for you suddenly want to do much good, surely reflect, whether there is no dirty trick here: can, you simply want "to part as sucker", that is to deceive. Especially vigilantly it is necessary to behave if from you money though first promised distribution of free gifts start demanding. And in general, if to you suggest to pay at first (not very well for what, be it an entrance fee to any society or something other), and then to receive certain benefits, know - almost with absolute confidence it is possible to claim that before you swindlers. Don't give in on their tricks.

Today in militia hundreds swindled citizens daily address, demand, in - the first, to return them money (which, having listened openmouthed, voluntary gave to swindlers), in - the second, approximately to punish speculators. But it often is simply impossible owing to certain nuances of our legislation (in more detail on this subject - further). Besides, swindlers are often insured, being arranged with various papers, contracts which trustful "suckers" sign, without looking. It gives the chance then to speculators with ease to beat off from civil suits in vessels (as with criminal cases as it is told above, "crunch").

The morals here are rather simple: don't give in on seductive arrangements, you don't pay in advance for services which allegedly somebody sometime will provide to you, check quality of goods, you are treated only at doctors (by the way who doesn't know - advertizing of telephone consultations on medical subjects is forbidden though in practice quite often meets), attentively read documents signed by you. And then nobody calls you the offensive word "sucker".

Undoubtedly, swindlers will exist so much, how many there is a mankind. On this subject the set of books, monographs, theses is written. The essence is simple:in all cases human greed, love to "darmovshchinka", desire to receive everything and at once, and on "blank space" is used. And popular wisdom supposedly there's no such thing as a free lunch very few people stop. It remember only when already late and the deceived person (on a slang of swindlers "sucker") tries to find a justice on offenders in militia, prosecutor's office and so forth

However swindlers it is exact not "suckers". They perfectly know our legislation which, according to many quick police officers, from year to year everything becomes more loyal to swindlers and are more rigid - to their victims. It is a question of the certain sum entered a few years ago by legislative order below which there doesn't come criminal liability. Today this sum makes about 800 hryvnias. If the damage for the smaller sum is caused to you, thus you didn't offend physically (for what can bring separate criminal case), your foes can not be afraid of criminal prosecution. It concerns both frauds, and thefts, and other types of crimes (for some years this sum increased from 350 hryvnias to present 780 UAH). It is a subject for the separate publication which soon leaves on our pages. We, within the story about modern types of fraud in Ukraine, state: this gesture of the legislator in many respects helped development of different types of "scam" with the country. Also I provided impunity for their organizers if they are on friendly terms with the head and don't "bury" (that is the facts of separate frauds can be much, but each of them doesn't exceed that sum)...

Today we tell about the main types of fraud existing in Ukraine. Certainly, actually them it is much bigger, but if to look narrowly, all of them are variations on the main subjects mentioned by us. Probably, to someone our publication will help to avoid large disappointments and troubles, will warn against the inconsiderate acts always connected with loss of your money, and even health - after all for swindlers anything sacred isn't present. For them the main thing - a profit...


The leading expert of Department of a criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on fight against fraud Nikolay Roshchin tells:

- Here before us so-called "food processor". In fact, it is a children's toy, all from shaky plastic, costs kopeks. With this properties pedlars on apartments, preferably elderly people go, and offer:you the veteran therefore our firm such - that (often call known TV channel), noting just now anniversary, makes to you a gift - this wonderful combine, its price of 800 hryvnias.

We give plus, too it is free, also a massage brush. It gives electrosignals, you can do by it massage, in general, treats for everything - from baldness, ORZ and so forth. Thus it costs 300 hryvnias, and we give it to you. And it is still free to you - a set of cool graters (actually there three shaky pieces of iron, the rest thin plastic). And here remarkable German superknifes from special steel in beautiful packing beautiful - 5 pieces. For them we ask the symbolical sum - only 500 hryvnias, after all knifes can't be given free of charge. In general - that, they very expensive, 500 hryvnias are much more expensive, but for you... You only estimate a total cost of the combine, a brush, by the way, here to you still the butterfly device, it strengthens muscles, everything for 2 thousand will pull it, and we ask only 500... And people agree - works love to a darmovshchinka. Why ask for knifes of 500 hryvnias - that was less than a sum with which there comes criminal liability. Actually everything together costs at most 40-50 hryvnias (knifes at all трояк, they easily bend from the slightest effort).


- One more type of fraud - "the medical device". It was made allegedly by Chinese with Russians. In practice it is the ordinary control panel the conditioner to which are connected two conducting, so-called "pads" (on suckers). And the device and 30 dollars - "pads" costs 300 dollars. And the book still - 10 dollars. The device should be attached to certain points for treatment of different diseases. Lecturers come from Russia, collect audiences, tell how, let us assume, to remove damage, or that another. "Highlight" consists also that you involve other people. You, let us assume, have a device. You told neighbors, allowed to use. But it isn't free. That is you "beat off" expenses, and neighbors will want to buy the device... As a result - the pyramid is usual. But experts established: it is the ordinary panel from the conditioner. It is curious that when the militia starts being interested in the device, organizers of "scam" right there disown from allegedly its medical properties: pier, it only the device for easy electromassage. And it is very difficult to prove the return. Other device - "a medical belt". Watched it on TV, probably, show supposedly reduces a stomach, pumps up muscles, breaks cellulitis...To us it together with the statement for fraud was brought by the woman who has paid for it 300 hryvnias. It is clear that any to sense from it isn't present. Toy...


- Still a problem - the pseudo-credits, - told "Today" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. - In what fraud? You come to firm (some even banks call themselves) and you speak: I want to take from you the credit under 1,5% per annum (!), as in advertizing. To you speak: certainly, you can take, but... You have to enter at first our society, pay a contribution. It is a little: 3,5 thousand UAH if you want to take 50 thousand of credit, and 7 thousand - if you take 100 000. But what percent scanty, you can simply put money for the deposit and you will be the solid winner. Agree - we sign the contract, money will come to your account.

You wait - week, month... Money isn't present. In firm you are told supposedly at us the central office in other city, there brake, money will come soon. You wait again... Instead of money the notice that comes... already you have to pay the first contribution to debt repayment, that is money which you didn't receive! Contribution small, for example, 300 hryvnias, but nevertheless... In firm advise: yes pay this trifle, but what credit! But then the requirement of the second contribution and so on comes... You are indignant. At last, to you speak: you know, under our very good conditions wishing to obtain the credit much. The competition - who will pay more contributions. Certainly, there is a small chance that you and after the first contribution obtain the credit, but... If someone too applies for the credit and will pay, say, ten contributions, it has a chance in 10 times more. So solve, but we advise you to pay contributions 10-15, then for certain you will be the first in turn. You consider benefit and you agree, you pay at once 20 contributions and you wait the credit. But it isn't present. To your complaints respond supposedly excuse, but such - that I brought at once 48 rates and I obtained the credit...

So passes year and you, at last, you appeal to court. There lawyers of firm show the contract signed by you where it is told that information on your introduction in mutually credit society - confidential. You divulged it and already for it you are subject to an exception. And intervention of militiamen, under the contract, is considered at all a swagger - major circumstances after which approach anybody has to nothing to anybody! That is all your contributions were gone also the credit to you not to see! Besides, there is a footnote small letters where it is written: you obtain the credit only after...all participants of society will pay completely all contributions that is absolutely unreal! The most terrible that it doesn't contradict our laws therefore courts usually side with such firms.


- Here dietary supplement (a bioactive additive) which give out for strong medicine, - the militia colonel of a stock Nikolay Roshchin speaks. - This packing was brought to us by the elderly person (and, you represent, the pensioner paid for it 1700 hryvnias). He is tormented many years by such "man's" illness, as prostatitis. He wrote the application for fraud and told, excuse for details that I went to a toilet two times in a night earlier. It was inconvenient, but it is tolerant. And now supposedly I underwent treatment this "medicine", I gave for it and to it similar about 20 000 (!) hryvnias also it is compelled to go with a bottle... That is he at first bought one "complex", then another, the third... Swindlers from medicine after all sell any dietary supplement under the guise of panacea: it and from prostatitis will sell, both from an ulcer, and from warmly - vascular... The grandfather saw advertizing in the newspaper, called, to him brought one complex, another... Passed time, doesn't help, to it speak: everything is clear, you simply closed organism cages, it is necessary to open these cages! Brought, I paid... Then - it is necessary to grind cages! I paid... The result deplorable - money isn't present, the illness amplified.


- This "bioactivator" was developed allegedly by group of the Perm scientists (many years worked), - continues the story Nikolay Roshchin. - Here 101 substances, including poison гюрзы, a claw of a wild monkey, blood of a bear and so forth are supposedly collected. In a combination it everything, say, gives supercurative effect. It is necessary to hang up "activator" for a lace on a neck that the device got to the stomach center (it is on sale for 137 UAH, separately a sack on a lace - 10 UAH). It is necessary to go with it days. During this time he allegedly "chooses" sores from an organism and "is filled". That "activator" was cleared, it is necessary to put it... in a deep freeze, sores there will be frozen. Then you hang up the device again...

That sales went successfully, mass presentations are held. The lecturer tells about curative properties of "bioactivator", and here from a hall hysterical shout of "podsadny" is distributed: "Give me, I want to buy, it is necessary to me! " Other "podsadny" shouts supposedly I take two, three pieces... Also rushed, under the influence of psychosis the crowd too starts taking not to be late. And suddenly won't suffice? As a result in a year in Ukraine sell on 6-7 thousand of "activators". Increase by 137 UAH, receive about 1 million hryvnias.The head mistress of the Ukrainian firm already bought the apartment in the capital...

In Kharkov nevertheless initiated proceedings on "activators" (one woman bought some pieces, the sum became more, than that minimum to which there is no criminal liability), gave "device" for examination. It appeared, there contains... usual beeswax! Crude, therefore the dark. From here, by the way, and the requirement to put in the freezer: when long you carry on a breast moreover in the summer, wax thaws, and in the freezer again stiffens. To me came deceived, told: for example, the person carries "device" month, another, doesn't help. Addresses on firm, there look, speak: oh, this device broke, it is necessary to buy the new. You not so carried, spoiled... Some, however, especially annoying, change free of charge, but it is rare. And "the Kharkov business", alas, already stopped because the sum changed, I became more, criminal liability "left"...


- Usual "scam" habitual already, like spinning of thimbles, too exists and today, - Nikolay Roshchin speaks. - They not too are afraid of the law, for example, thimbleriggers fine for 50 UAH for gamblings in a public place. And all. However, at once they again won't gather because them will detain while papers will make, помурыжат... But in a day - others "machine" can earn again.

There are also other types of similar fraud. As - that around Timber market put tent, in it the computer with the monitor, started game. The horses skip, one lags behind, but as a result wins... Rates, prize - a discount for a row of goods are accepted. Play, of course, false and "sucker". But the leader can start any horse of the first. And "sucker", despite all the attentiveness, will surely lose. Still known swindle - a lottery with coinciding numbers. There allegedly the one who will give more will win... But even if you have one million, you will lose because at swindlers money goes around, they never come to an end. The sums there go very decent, say, to Zaporozhye one lady lost 15 thousand dollars, in Kiev - 9 thousand. If with itself isn't present, to you will substitute a taxi supposedly we go to you home, get "grist", you in a step from a big prize... But as soon as visited at your place, tone changes: to you are rude, money selects and threatens. Pier, we know where you live if that, the family answers...

Happens, of course, that put swindlers. In Kiev as - that group of 8 people put. In Kharkov - at once 26 swindlers got for a lattice.But criminal cases are only when "жулят" for the large sum.


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