In Kiev the drug lab

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In Kiev law enforcement officers exposed the drug lab organized in the apartment, reports on Thursday, June 19, department on public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Employees of Shevchenkovsky office on fight against a drug trafficking of capital militia exposed laboratory in which synthetic drugs and psychotropic substances were produced. Two men on the apartment in which parents of one of them lived earlier, organized "enterprise". In kitchen the real laboratory was equipped. Exactly there produced amphetamine. By means of mixing of chemicals primary product of yellow color was formed.

Then this mix cleared via the special device which constructed then received qualitative amphetamine. Precursors for production of drug bought from one of chemical firms of the capital.

Also men bought all necessary laboratory devices: flasks, filters, thermometers, test tubes, measuring ware and another. In other room also in vitro malefactors produced one more type of drug - cannabis.

Manufacturing techniques of amphetamine and cannabis of the man found in worldwide network the Internet.

In article all ingredients, chemical formulas, proportions of substances for production of drugs were printed. Prime cost of ready amphetamine made 5 hryvnias for gram, in turn realized on 130 hryvnias for gram. On the apartment guards withdrew 50 grams of amphetamine, 10 bushes of marihuana, 300 grams of cannabis. Also chemical components which are necessary for production of synthetic drugs and psychotropic substances were found.

The real laboratory assistants amphetamine received from the fifth - the sixth time. Before selling drug, men checked his quality on themselves. One of detainees, 45 - the summer inhabitant of Kiev, worked in the state organization, earned additionally the taxi driver in the evening, it 30 - the summer colleague worked at one of TV companies.


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