The German police officers humiliated and undressed ours заробитчан

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Ukrainian to the zarobitchena which legally work in Spain, hardly get home.

For the last three weeks were on the way home deported our 17 compatriots. The reasons - existence at them only national Spanish visa.

"A problem that each of EU countries treats the Schengen contract on - to the. Where - that is accepted by the Spanish visas where - that claim that she acts only in Spain and with it it is possible to come back only by plane", - Sergey Ryabovol, the representative of firm who sends заробитчан to Spain explains. According to him, in Spain still remain about five hundred ours заробитчан which on the way home too risk to be deported if choose for transit "not that" the country, reports "Today".

Most rigidly" with Ukrainians arrived in Germany. Ten Ukrainians (eight women and two men from Lvovshchina, Ternopolshchina, Sumy, Kiev and the Cherkassk area) came back home by bus. In the 6th mornings they were woken by Germans for verification of documents.

According to the zarobitchena, the German militiamen tore the passport of one of them, the others stripped naked, selected personal belongings and money, wrote out to everyone a penalty in 1500 euros for allegedly illegal stay in Germany.

"Never before I didn't feel such humiliated, me as if publicly dipped into a dirt pool. They looked for at us drugs, even broke hygienic laying from underwear. I carried with myself 1600 euros earned on gathering oranges in Spain. After a penalty there were 100 euros", - without crying nearly one of victims Galina tells.

After all humiliations and requisitions it with girlfriends sent to spend the night in dirty camp for refugees where with it didn't allow to eat, and next day deported. On return to Ukraine victims employed lawyers though consider that chances to win a lawsuit with Germans against them are minimum.

In France with Ukrainians arrived better. Maria Yakimets from Ternopolshchina told that French only took from it fingerprints, having declared that the visa is invalid, and sent back to Spain, without having written out a penalty.And the group of 28 people, chosen a way through Austria and Hungary, in general returned to Ukraine without problems.


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