"Dictatorship on - Yushchenovski"? - "Vitrenkovtsa" create that want. But they haven't enough of it

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that On March 10 activists of Progressive socialist party of Ukraine established on Soviet - the central street of Nikolaev - some tents. Under noisy music they distributed Kievan Rus' and National Opposition newspapers.

As it was succeeded to learn then from one of activists - the vitrenkovets, similar actions are held recently in many cities of Ukraine. "The protest action purpose - to force people not to be reconciled with that now occurs in the country. So it is impossible to live! ", - one of activists of the specified party declared.

Vitrenkovtsa urged inhabitants of Nikolaev to support them on March 14 during carrying out march of a protest in the city of Nikolaev. "All inhabitants of Nikolaev and area have to come for this march of a protest against actions of the selling power", - vitrenkovets emphasized then.

March of a protest is planned for March 14. It is probable to take part in this action, to Nikolaev there arrived also the leader of Progressive socialists Natalya Vitrenko. On Thursday, March 12, she even managed to act on the air of one of the Nikolaev TV channels and to declare that this action is directed against "V. Yushchenko's dictatorship". It isn't known, whether Natalya Mikhaelovna will personally take part in procession or will be limited to performance in Kashtanovy Square (exactly there will pass the main part of meeting), after all this information very carefully disappears.

Yes it and isn't so important. It is possible to assume that march of a protest will simply eclipse all performances of participants of action in the opinion of citizens as will pass through the central highway of the city and, it is possible to present only, how many inconveniences drivers are delivered "by fighters with the selling power".

According to the announcement hanged on all columns in the downtown, starts march at 12:00 from long-distance bus station and will pass on Lenin Avenue (to the main main city street! ) also will end in Kashtanovy Square.

It is easy to notice that Pspushniki seriously prepared for carrying out this march of a protest: on the central city streets even I plied агитавтомобиль which notified on this event.All this "action" deputies - vitrenkovets of the Nikolaev city and regional councils directed.

Yes, at first sight, what in this action of the such? The spring, not far off "Presidential race" came, under laws of Ukraine all political parties and social movements have the right for carrying out mass actions … But there is here one "BUT", and very big! Meeting in Kashtanovy Square - not a question. You see off, tell what bad what now direct the country … To people who leave in the day off to walk on Soviet, even it will be interesting to look on liveN. Vitrenko.Most likely, will be and much those who will support the main slogan of an action - "So it is impossible to live". But here why to arrange any unclear "torch processions" which at some o'clock will simply paralyze the trunk Nikolaeva automobile main?

As it was succeeded to learn, really I hit into the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies an application for holding this action is submitted. Participants of march will gather near long-distance bus station, then will move on Oktyabrsky Avenue to Stroiteley St., will bypass round the Kolos market, will walk by the Nikolaev zoo to Lenin Avenue, and then according to the same prospectus to Sovetskaya St. All this time, movement of motor transport on these streets "will be limited". Number of participants of this march -1500 people. This figure appears in the demand. It is possible will imagine as "movement" will be limited. Unclear why to dissemble - journey, it is simple on simply, it will be blocked.

I don't want to go into details of how there is a coordination of similar actions, but it is necessary to emphasize - if the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies gave the consent to its carrying out, it means everything is coordinated and with GAI which employees will have to "to limit movement" on highways, and with the Department of Internal Affairs which is obliged to provide a law and order during an action … Most likely, for providing an order it is necessary to involve a large number of the police officers, after all many remember, when during one of visitsN. Vitrenkoto Nikolaev, after its "call" on Lenin Square a comic fight was started not. Well it is fine, it is work of militia and, it is possible to tell with confidence that they will cope with it.

Now it is a question of other. Who permitted for such procession, and whether there was in it such a need? It would be possible to carry out simply motor rally - the effect would be almost same, but for citizens it is much less than inconveniences.

The formulation is interesting - "movement will be limited". What does it mean? Participants of procession will go on foot Lenin Avenue Avenue? If it is valid so, it is interesting to look, as "fighters with the selling power", led byVitrenko, Nikonov and Shesler,will overcome barriers in the form of fences, for example, on Sadovaya St.

To clear a situation we decided to call the mayor of NikolaevTo V. Chaika.Despite that at this moment Vladimir Dmitriyevich was halfway from Kiev, it was aware of the events. He noted, what not delighted with in what look this action will be held. "I told organizers of an action that they went by rules - on a meeting to moving transport. After all the most important is a safety of people", - declaredV. Chaika. He thanked our correspondent for a call, for concern on comfort of citizens and promised on Saturday morning once again everything to check.

Today in Ukraine more than one hundred political parties and a huge number of social movements and if all of them hold every day similar actions is, it isn't difficult to assume that will occur in the city.

"All abuse the power, but we have a quiet city. We pay pensions and salaries, don't disconnect gas and light … It everything merit of local authorities. I always urged all not to destabilize a situation in the city. But this their legitimate right to hold similar actions. What we needed to refuse to them? ", - Vladimir Dmitriyevich declared. He also emphasized that no overlapping of the street will exist and all security measures are considered in full.

Yes,V. Chaikait is right. The city authorities do much, but a lot of things and are impossible. It is thought, Vladimir Dmitriyevich perfectly understands that all good that becomes, in the opinion of citizens one similar action can cross out. People who will be late for very important meeting in the downtown or still where - that, won't remember timely payment of a salary or gas not shutdown (it is perceived somehow that simply has to be), and will remember movement overlapping. Yes, Vladimir Dmitriyevich is right - to forbid to hold similar actions it is impossible is a constitutional law of these people, but the power for this purpose and is necessary to establish "rules of the game" and to watch their performance.Someone can imagine, what in any European city the main automobile highway will be blocked? No! There are special places for carrying out similar protest actions. There is such place and in Nikolaev - than recently repaired Sovetskaya St. and Lenin Square is bad? After all the city authorities could tell: "You want to see off - you see off here". And so it turns out, granting permission for carrying out this march, the city power limits the rights of citizens for a freedom of movement.

And if tomorrow any political force wants to pass on Ingulsky Bridge? And what then?

Interestingly, and whether criminal case concerning organizers of this action, for example, according to the statement "Nikolayevelektrotrans" or someone from firms - carriers, will be broughtas it was in a situation with the known Nikolaev businessmanR. Goroyan ? We will remind that it when limited movement on Potemkinskaya St., too submitted an application to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and received an affirmative answer. After all if to understand, both "Nikolayevelektrotrans", and firms - carriers will suffer losses as a result of holding this action.

And on the postdock, only one question to vitrenkovets - so about whatto "Yushchenko's dictatorship"there is a speech? You "wanted to paralyze" movement on the central highway of the city - to you it allowed! ! ! And here those people who voted for PSPU in city and regional councils can sympathize only. People who thanks to you became deputies instead of looking for ways of an exit from an economic crisis, become organizers of the shows destabilizing a situation in the city.

Anatoly Chuyka

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