Nardep Alexander Dubovoy: shadow schemes of Energoatom

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" already wrote that on March 10 the Security service of Ukraine brought criminal case against a number of officials including the director general Yuzhno - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant (Nikolaevarea) on suspicion in a taking of 13 million hryvnias of public funds. Suspects are accused of preliminary arrangement and abuse of official position. For legalization received criminal by means they used fictitious contracts with false commercial structures. At present investigative actions are conducted. Since 2007 the director general of YuU nuclear power plant is Vissarion Kim.

This large strategic enterprise located in 120 km fromNikolaev, constantly is in focus of the public and mass media. In particular, the nebezinteresny facts It is rather southern - it were found the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in one of articles, published on a site the Internet - editions "News of Ukraine. Events in the world" under the name "Nardep Alexander Dubovoy: shadow schemes of Energoatom".

In the publication under the name "Hero of the time" I there was a speech about criminal case upon assignment of public funds in especially large sizes when purchasing the equipment, important for safety of nuclear power plants. By evidence it is established that as a result of criminal activity of a group of persons with JSC Energomash (Belgorod, Russia) were stolen details of pipelines, are imported by smuggling into Ukraine and delivered to the territory of the turbine hall of power units No. No. 1-2 Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

We will remind the reader that as a result of this, to put it mildly, doubtful transaction on the power unit No. 2 It is southern - not certified equipment which isn't able to ensure safety, and other equipment for which tens of millions state hryvnias were paid is established to the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, not put on station.

Investigating criminal case, the Security service of Ukraine established connection between the enterprises which are involved in the scheme of plunder of public funds of JSC Energomash (Kiev), JSC KD TRADE (Kiev), state of emergency "Oktey Firm and the deputy - byutovets Alexander Dubov.

Recently to us the new facts in this case became known.

The history develops a way traditional for our country - inevitability of punishment expects only the switchman. In the interests of the investigation we will call his citizen of N. We will give the typical scheme according to which the deputy works today average, say, as argument. Which traces - read signatures - doesn't leave. This scheme is in detail described by the interim director of JSC Energomash in almost suicide note.

"Approximately at the end of January, 2007. To me it was offered to oak A. F. to renew on itself(himself) Energomash firm (Kiev) for what it called Maslyak A.M. and Taratukhina V. V., having told them it, and also remuneration the 600th dale is offered to me. in a month".

At the beginning of February, 2007 for - documents were processed to N. He became the only founder, the director and the accountant. That is the signature on all documents appeared one.

"Taratukhin V. V. was engaged in renewal of documents directly, I was present only at registration at the notary where put the signatures on documents of title.

Approximately at the end of April - the beginning of May I with Maslyak A.M. I went on It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant where we met Sokolov V. V. about gas station on entry into Yuzhnoukrainsk where Sokolov V. V. and Maslyak A.M. conducted negotiations on an occasion of deliveries of details of pipelines".

Further g - N of N with Alexander Maslyak went on YuU nuclear power plant where met the deputy the general director which surname the author forgot. In an office at the deputy director general it signed the contract from outside "Energomash" and left. Maslyak left an office a bit later.

"In the subsequent on station (and them was 3 or 4) I carried out all trips with Taratukhin V. V. to Sokolov V. V. where I signed documents, and Taratukhin V. V. conducted negotiations on an occasion of deliveries of details of pipelines. Meetings occurred in a study of Sokolov V. V., in one office, and about station".

Some documents vised by g - N number, went Taratukhin on Sokolov "Avtolyuksom". Any document without Taratukhin's instructions weren't signed.

"In Energomash firm all calculations and payments passed (Kiev) through system the client - bank access to which had Taratukhin V. V. and his accountant, I had no access to this system. I wasn't aware about cash flow from the account of firm, the instruction to the accountant where to transfer money, Taratukhin V. V."
N claims that didn't know where details of pipelines on station are delivered, it wasn't present at communication with officials of station. Taratukhin was engaged in it.

"I know according to Taratukhin V. V. that near Yuzhnoukrainsk in Voznesensk in a warehouse there is "Belenergomash" production (details of pipelines and a pipe) which was stored there even before signing of the contract for delivery, and the nomenclature coincided with the specification in the contract. From there shipment of pipes and details of pipelines on station was made. Also Taratukhin V. V. went to Russia to Belgorod to agree about deliveries of details of pipelines and conducted repeatedly telephone negotiations with Russia".

It is impossible to tell that the g - N of N didn't "fulfill" the monthly salary. However, recognizing that it subsequently I made an attempt to commit suicide, we will dare to assume that initially he didn't suspect about such succession of events.

"According to Taratukhin V. V. instructions I sent demands with the nomenclature of pipes to the Ukrainian manufacturers of pipes and details of pipelines, in particular, on Hartsyzsky pipe plant, group of companies Interpayp, Novomoskovsk pipe plant, Nikopol pipe plant, but in the received answers possibility of production of only insignificant part of these products was specified, and representatives of plants said that on such specifications does pipes only "Energomash" (Belgorod) … Also subsequently I heard from Taratukhin V. V. that these pipes and details of pipelines will be ordered in Kursk and Krasnoyarsk".

At the specified plants to us confirmed that demands were, on them there was Taratukhin's signature, and they were sent from the name "Ukrenergotreding".

"Approximately in October, 2007. To me it was offered to oak A.F. to renew on itself a site of 915 sq.m to the address: Kiev, Zemlyanskaya St., 4, with the purpose to privatize it and to resell then after privatization. Then I met Siminenko Alexander on whom the site was issued, and renewed it on me in notary office on Saksagansky St. (near Kominterna St. and Saksagansky intersection)".

For certain it not the key moments of activity Oak with companions. And for certain some deputies in opposition adjusted to BYuT won't miss the moment to make easy PR on, unfortunately, typical corruption scheme. But, as they say, there is a nuance. Oak in this scheme too not the main person involved. Materials of operational activity indicate expeditious payment of money the People's Deputy, the member of Regions of Ukraine fraction Andrey Derkacha who was at that time the president of "Energoatom" who personally supervised signing of contracts about JSC Energomash (Kiev), carried out pressure upon employees of "Energoatom" who resisted to the conclusion of obviously illegal transaction (now these persons actively give evidences in SBU).

In summary it would be desirable to notice that, unfortunately, when the speech comes about possibility of easy enrichment, opposite political views and programs don't become a barrier. And very cynically "to an expense" go not only the state millions, but also human lives …


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