The base of evidential base on the international network trading in women worldwide, was built in Nikolaev

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InNikolaevthe criminal group with international relations which was engaged for a long time in selection, recruitment and sending young women, from among inhabitants of Nikolaev and area, to the Czech Republic, and also to Cyprus - for the purpose of their transfer for money to souteneurs for the subsequent sexual exploitation is detained. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

The criminal group made one of parts of the international traffic, 12 organizers and which main characters recently were detained in Israel.

We will remind that on the International Women's Day the Israeli police declared completion of operation on elimination of the international criminal network which was engaged in trafficking in women from CIS countries and their involvement in occupation by prostitution abroad.

"Through this network passed thousands girls which forced to be engaged in prostitution", - the official representative of the Israeli police Alex Kagalsky declared then.

Expeditious actions for suppression of illegal activity began two years ago. At the final stage of operation which received the name "Feelers of an Octopus", in Israel 12 people, including the leader of group were arrested. Within investigation arrests were made also in Russia, Belarus and in Ukraine.

Investigating authorities revealed the main persons involved who were engaged in recruitment and an illegal transportation of women at first to Israel, and then to Cyprus and to some other countries. In particular, "the live goods" got to brothels of the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and even Canada.

During carrying out this international operation it was established that the resident of Nikolaev - 39 - summer Valery who together with the several accomplices personally coordinated was engaged in sending to sexual slavery of women from Nikolaev and took part in criminal acts.

The scheme of sending girls in brothels was rather fulfilled.At first the malefactor suggests girls to leave to the countries of Europe for the official highly paid work in any way not connected with prostitution and guaranteed by a salary. But at the first conversation never I specified, to which country. Also he suggests to go abroad to the familiar girls who are engaged at present in prostitution. He promised prostitutes that there they will be engaged in the same, than and in the hometown, but their salary won't be such scanty, as in Nikolaev. Valery promised girls that abroad their earnings will make from 1000 to 5000 thousand conventional units that they will live in hotels, or night clubs - depending on the country and the city. Besides he guarantees them opportunity at any time to return home and assures that coercions to anything won't be.

For trip abroad Valery was engaged in paperwork itself, all expenses also assumed, to girls told that they don't need to fulfill and give the spent means. But he "forgot" to report that all promised them - abroad won't be executed …

After the girl gave the consent to a trip abroad, "employer", demanded that young ladies moved to it home, motivating it with that while he will be engaged in paperwork for trip abroad, girls have to be under its supervision that it could control them.

When the girl moved to it, Valery called by telephone to the souteneur abroad, reported about the candidate for departure and agreed for payment of expenses on paperwork and "percent" for the performed work. Then the souteneur sent the specified sum to Ukraine through banks on Western Union or Money Gramm system.

When girls received passports of the citizen of Ukraine for trip abroad and all necessary documents, Valery again contacted the foreign souteneur and reported that documents are prepared. That asked to send it e-mail of a photo of girls (topless) and copies of international passports. After that the souteneur from - for borders by fax sent electronic plane tickets and after all procedure of the girl left the abroad already as tourists. Before a departure Valery instructed what exactly needs to be spoken to them when passing control on border. Girls had to tell that go to have a rest.

Abroad "tourist" met and brought to the souteneur who reported that at first she has to fulfill means which were spent for it, and only after that the girl will draw forty or fifty interest from the earned means.
Throughout documenting of criminal activity of Valery, guards established banking institutions in which he got money transfers from foreign accomplices.

In turn, the police of Israel established and detained the citizen of Israel Rahamim Sabat, the head of criminal group who organized and financed a human trafficking traffic. In the group it had about 5 accomplices and was engaged in a pimping. Valery communicated with one of his accomplices by the name of Eduard who was appointed recently by the main character on a traffic to the lake of Cyprus. Through Eduard there was a delivery of women from Ukraine in brothels of Europe.

In January, 2009 the flight "Borispol — Istanbul" Valery tried to send to sexual slavery of two Nikolaev girls. For the prevention of their departure the operational combination together with the Public border service of Ukraine was carried out.

For the beginning of March the Nikolaev guards detained all participants of a traffic of delivery of girls abroad, events for establishment of other persons involved in this business are held.

As the head of department on fight against human trafficking of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Igor Bloshko, "base" of evidential base on the brought criminal cases on organizers of the international network of dealers in people noted, is built in Ukraine. The "lion's" share of these materials is collected by Nikolaev militiamen. "Being with working visit in the Nikolaev area, our Israeli colleagues emphasized what exactly thanks to practices of staff of Management on fight against human trafficking in the Nikolaev area and was succeeded to liquidate this network", - I. Bloshko declared.

Shortly before Valery's detention, the staff of management on fight against human trafficking of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine inNikolaevareas detained one more local who earned on sending our compatriots to foreign sexual slavery. A certain forty-five-year-old Slavik was detained by the staff of management together with SBU of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. It adjusted the channel of deliveries through the city of Odessa.

Concerning it criminal case under article 332 UK of Ukraine - "An illegal transportation through border" was brought. He received 2 years conditionally. But also it didn't force it to give up occupation by human trafficking. If concerning Valery investigative actions are still conducted, concerning Slavik criminal case is already ready to transfer to court. This time Art. 149 of UK of Ukraine ("Human trafficking") which prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of three till eight years will be imputed to it.

During carrying out these operations by the staff of Management on fight against human trafficking of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area 7 episodes (concerning 10 inhabitants of the Nikolaev area), the girls connected with sale in sexual slavery were documented. All of them now are in the homeland.

And some more interesting facts which managed to be learned "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" - both "dealers" were married and at both minor daughters grow.

As for Slavik, he was ex-the police officer who, in due time, worked as the assistant to the operations duty officer in one of regional departments of the Nikolaev area and was dismissed from bodies for unseemly behavior with female representatives.


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