Ex-the chief of the Nikolaev Department of Internal Affairs general A. Naumenko rejected all charges from outside нардепов - Byutovtsev

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Only a month later after appointment to the post of the chief of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anatoly Naumenko appeared in scandal epicenter. Two нардепов - representatives of BYuT fraction, Svyatoslav Oliynyk and Yury Tregubov, appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs immediately to dismiss the new appointed general. By words a press - Oliynyk's secretary, Oleg Karpints, deputies consider that the chief of regional militia, having hardly sat down in a chair, was engaged in cleaning of shots. Moving away disloyal militiamen to itself, Naumenko allegedly tries to take to provide the control over a drug traffic, human trafficking and a gaming in Dnepropetrovshchina. To find out of what deputies specifically accuse the general, yesterday it wasn't possible. Phones of deputies didn't answer.

On the other hand, the chief of GUMVD in the Dnepropetrovsk area general Anatoly Naumenko to a call from "Today" wasn't surprised: "I know that some politicians instead of going about the own business, try to crush under themselves militia structures and don't shun any methods to distort a situation exactly the opposite, - he speaks. - And so, that appears about my work on the Internet, - lie. I in this position work less than a month, estimated a situation a new view, and I bring here an order that, probably, it isn't pleasant to much. I will tell about shots so. The chief of criminal militia of the Dnepropetrovsk area, the headed Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nikolaev, took away part of people with himself, and they are appointed with increase. Someone left even before my arrival. The head of department of fight against a drug trafficking remains here, the head of the Dneprodzerzhinsk gorupravleniye too. People who can, are able, want to work, will serve further. Hearings about "protection" of narcobusiness are so ridiculous that I am not going to make comments on them at all. Dirt to me won't stick. The road will be mastered by the going. And don't count your chickens before they are hatched".

Meanwhile, it isn't excluded that so sharp attacks of "byutovets" to the new appointed chief of the Department of Internal Affairs - no more, than echoes of the recent scandalous publication in the Ukraine Young newspaper in which the source in GPU reported to the edition that the member of the same party and Svyatoslav Oleynik's partner Andrey Portnov can be involved in death of the prosecutor Vladimir Shuby and activity of a gang of "Kapitoshki" which members specialized on raider captures. On the same day the State Office of Public Prosecutor disproved this information, having reported that attacks to Portnov - the totally ludicrous, the Fur coat was lost as a result of accident. Meanwhile in prosecutor's office noted that investigation of circumstances of death of the regional prosecutor isn't finished yet, some more expertizes are carried out.

Presenting to staff of the Dnepropetrovsk militia of the new chief, Yury Lutsenko responded about it, as about the high-class professional. The general Naumenko, unlike the predecessor Alexander Bobyliov who, as we know, was fond of motorcycles, the master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling. "Now my main hobby - fight against crime", - was declared by him then on a press - conferences. Yury Lutsenko added that Naumenko in each previous management where it worked, organized still militia amateur ensembles.

Pensioners left only.About personnel cleanings of the new chief know nothing and in the regional center of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Dnepropetrovsk area. There say that is valid, from positions some heads of regional departments went recently to areas. However they retired, instead of as a result of disloyalty to Naumenko. Other charges there simply left without comments.


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