The public council at Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs attended to racism blossoming in the Nikolaev area and xenophobia

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Racism and xenophobia in the Nikolaev area were one of the main issues on enlarged meeting of Public council at Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area which took place today, on March 19.

At the very beginning of action the deputy head of department Artur Voitenko told that during the period from March 14 to March 22 there passes Pan-European week against racism, and on March 21 - the International day of disposal of all forms of racial discrimination. Obviously, need of discussion of "anti-racial" questions these days also is explained by it.

Under the closest attention local militiamen have youth "parties".

- For the purpose of overcoming of manifestations of racism, xenophobia and discrimination, improvement of fight against these negative phenomena in the Ukrainian society, management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area and its structural divisions carry out monitoring of a situation which develops in the youth environment, first of all - in so-called skinkhedovsky movement and extremist groups, - Artur Voitenko noted.

To hear about how at us beat foreign citizens, it is necessary infrequently, but such cases are. For example, last year in the Central police station the citizen of Nigeria to whom on the soil of "national jealousy" injuries were put addressed. By a court decision, three attacking received administrative detention.

For January of the current year meetings with the management of several educational institutions of Nikolaev and Pervomaisk which have licenses for providing educational services to citizens of other countries were held. Meetings took place with the assistance of students from Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, China, Korea, Jordan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Russia, Colombia and Turkey.

On the operational accounting of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there are 33 "radical persons" which are admirers of movement of skinheads and the Blood and Honour music style.

- With each of them preventive discussions are led and official instructions concerning prevention by them illegal actions are taken out, - told the deputy chief.

As Artur Voitenko explained, in the city of Nikolaev the specified movement began in 1994 with creation by students of NKI the punk - Dachau group which in 1997 was renamed into "A barber's shop of a name Kotovsk".

Now under physical protection of the Department of Internal Affairs by means of a post of militia there is an apartment of the chief rabbi and the synagogue room. The called objects are equipped with the alarm system.

On February 28 local xenophobes made an act of vandalism. This day the monument to the Jewish publisher, the outstanding figure Lyubachevsky which established last year was damaged. Forces of managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU detained two representatives of informal youth movement of skinheads.

Under sensitive supervision of local militiamen there are some monuments which "cause unhealthy interest in admirers of these movements". During meeting these monuments weren't called - probably that skinheads didn't take in head to prepare attack on what in the list of the protected don't appear...


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