Yury Lutsenko: Балога risks "to sit down on plank beds", and Tymoshenko doesn't get under UK

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The chief militiaman of the country told Focus that Victor Baloga risks «to sit down on plank beds» , and Tymoshenko doesn't get under action of the Criminal code

Political events add works to Yury Lutsenko's department. After in «Naftogaz» the esbeushny special forces «visitedAlpha» , the militia at the request of Yulia Timoshenko took the energy company under protection. Lutsenko says that if it is required, will take under protection and all Cabinet of Ministers.

- You hadn't to justify before the prime minister that in her absence you didn't follow as the SBU took «Naftogaz» ? Or she gave command of militia not to interfere?
- All commands of militia are given only by the minister, and they lie in the legality plane. The militia has no powers to stop SBU actions. Therefore no claims to me existed. Yes, we consulted to Yulia Timoshenko concerning the events. Talked and about customs (Yulia Timoshenko declared that the SBU forced the employee of Power customs to obtain customs clearance for 11 billion cubes of the Russian gas in favor of the company «Rosukrenergo» , while fuel intended NAK «Naftogaz of Ukraine». -Focus).

I told that there is no lawful occasion to bring criminal case against employees of customs, after all actually we deal with a debt cedation between three parties - «Rosukrenergo» , «Naftogaz» and «Gazprom». And any disputes about it are solved only in a judicial order. Moreover, I consider that there are signs of corruption actions from - on Khoroshkovsky (the first deputy head of SBU. -Focus) which publicly, on TV channel «Inter» , I declared the business - the relations with g - number Firtash. That is using powers of the deputy head of SBU for protection of the business - the partner, it gets under action of the law on corruption counteraction. And today the division on fight against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs considers a question of attraction of - on Khoroshkovsky to responsibility for corruption actions.

- It is interesting if reaches sometime direct fight between esbeushny «Alpha» and militia «Golden eagle» , who will be more courageous?
- You know, I repeatedly criticized - on Tsushko (the previous Interior Minister. -Focus) for that «Golden eagle» in due time the object protected by other department - Gosokhrana broke into Genprokratura. My position didn't change: if the militia took under protection «Naftogaz» (and it made it), on its territory anybody won't come now: «Alpha» , neither beta, nor scale. In the same way, if the object is under SBU protection, our fighters won't pass on their territory, I won't allow it. The armed people are not tin tell-tales. It is extremely dangerous to storm the building which is under protection of other power divisions. We will give it to do to nobody and we won't be.

It got. «Using powers of the deputy head of SBU for protection of the business - the partner, Valery Khoroshkovsky falls under action of the law on counteraction of corruption»

- And here Khoroshkovsky speaks - if it is necessary, «Alpha» will come and to Cabinet of Ministers. How you will protect then ministers, the prime minister?

- If is decision of the government to take under protection Cabinet of Ministers, - we will take, we will provide it a quiet operating mode. And - well to Khoroshkovsky I would recommend to read the law on SBU and to realize that «Alpha» - this anti-terrorist division and to swing it as a scarecrow it is undesirable.

- You as - that called SBU Victor Balogi's personal guard, heads of the Secretariat of the president. It turns out that he personally now orders «Alpha» ? Or president?
- I said that g - N of Baloga, till certain time using the suspended status of the head of service, roughly interfered with personnel policy. Thus the full-fledged head of department was discharged actually of duties by group «parachutists» from Zakarpatye. But now, after appointment of the full-fledged chairman, the situation will change.

That the situation changes, became clear this week when Valentyn Nalyvaichenko translated by Rada from position of the acting the head of SBU in his valid heads, started making the first statements in new quality. He reported about intention to dismiss one of deputies - Tiberiya Durdintsa whom associate with Victor Balogoy; at the same time having assured that in SBU there are no criminal cases about Yulia Timoshenko's high treason.Many politicians connect this statement that Valentyn Nalyvaichenko is obliged by the appointment to voices from BYuT fraction. The representative of the coalition Yury Lutsenko really well responds about Nalivaychenko: «I always said that he is the normal person and the responsible head». But that the head of SBU now Tymoshenko's finally person, - disproves.

- No, it is impossible so to speak! Nalivaychenko on the party of Security service of Ukraine. Another thing is that Tymoshenko also on the party of Ukraine as the prime minister - the minister. I am the member of its government and completely I support policy of the prime minister. It is natural. It is unnatural when the president constantly speaks about irresponsibility and nonprofessionalism of the government, forgetting to tell that nearly a half of his people there sits.

- All scandals which we observe, this beginning of competition «who whom will put» earlier - Yushchenko of Tymoshenko or on the contrary? Whether Tymoshenko again threatens Lukyanovskoye with a pre-trial detention center?
- Tymoshenko doesn't threaten any prosecution. I understand the Criminal code, it lies at me on a table (shows) and it doesn't fall under its action. Buzz «dead bees» from the Secretariat of the president about criminal cases of the prime minister means nothing.

Well - that as. «If Akhmetov meets Tymoshenko it it is good. If as a result they clever vote for something together - especially well. Politicians for this purpose also are created to agree»

- According to your information, whether a lot of compromising evidence exists at Tymoshenko and Yushchenko at each other?

- I don't collect a compromising evidence. And that information which the militia possesses, is embodied in materials of criminal cases.

- And if Yulia Timoshenko tries to use something upon what yet there was no investigation against Yushchenko, you will dissuade her?
- I was in Tymoshenko's office, in the room for meetings, at party office and didn't find in it any folders with a compromising evidence. I think, Tymoshenko is so busy that to her not to a compromising evidence. And on the other hand, tell, why a compromising evidence if so at all in the eyes milliard means of refinancing are distributed in a manual mode with a steady smell of corruption? One bank receives milliard means, and all other banking system the million? (Scandal with National Bank which Yulia Timoshenko in the end of the year accused of preferences to separate banks means.-Focus) As a result these «elite» banks remove 5 billion currency in an offshore. On - to mine, anything it isn't necessary to prove to draw a conclusion: marauders use the last remained year for a dembelsky chord and filling of personal granaries.

«In Donetsk there is a saying: «the sucker a sin not to throw». Therefore Penchuk was given exactly that term which threatened Kolesnikov»

- You now simply speak or how the minister you undertake something?
- That occurred in National Bank, is studied by division on fight against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and division on fight against economic crimes. Though already it is at first sight clear that actions on allocation of the most part of money to one of approximate banks have forcible character. And it sets a bad example of thousands of officials. Therefore УБОПы and УБЭПы are provided to a condition of the increased combat readiness and will give on hands to all who will covet budget money. Only for this year are caught on hot 725 bribe takers, total amount of bribes exceeds the last year's - 25 million hryvnias four times.

- Now politicians from the coalition say that to Yushchenko almost the shareholder «muchRosukrenergo». Why the Ministry of Internal Affairs doesn't check, so it or not? Or Tymoshenko doesn't ask?
- Such facts can be checked only in the presence of criminal case. The prosecutor's office can excite it only. We can collect only materials which we show to the prosecutor and if there bring criminal case and delegate to our consequence, only then we can make something.

- But such materials are?
- No materials concerning the president in the Ministry of Internal Affairs exist.

- And according to Dmitry Firtash, the co-owner «Rosukrenergo» ?
- No, no materials on criminal prosecution of - on Firtash at us existed lately.

- There are no affairs after so many charges from Tymoshenko? Why how you think?
- Its charges carry the politician - ekonomisky character. I am responsible for the field of activity: we have no materials which can be shown - well to Firtash as criminal cases.

- What turns out, it were empty charges?
- It is the political point of view of the head of the Cabinet which I share.Using the business - the empire created from scratch, actually parasitizing structure which made enormous fortunes on intermediary services, Firtash throws down a challenge to Ukraine, putting the corporate interests is higher than the state. Unfortunately, in it he is supported by a number of high officials and mass media.

- Why regionals now started your resignation?
- Me remove from second month of my appointment in 2005. Last time from the ninth attempt it worked well.

- Other information is interesting: as in BYuT are already adjusted you to remove because you allegedly block Andrey Portnov's appointment as the Minister of Justice and even sewed to yourself in his face of the influential opponent.
- It is the provocation started by regionals through mass media under control to them. No conflict to g - number Portnov at me is present. As for appointment of the head of Ministry of Justice, it is a quota «Our Ukraine - National self-defense» , and it can't be offered БЮТом in any way. I never heard about it any claims neither from the prime minister, nor from Portnov, from other our allies from BYuT. I can tell only one: the Minister of Internal Affairs in modern Ukraine is obliged to have influential enemies, would be immoral if I didn't have them. I have many foes, and I am proud of that I prevent them to cast the country into chaos finally.

It is known that at least Yury Lutsenko has one influential enemy in Party of Regions is ex-the head of the Donetsk regional council Boris Kolesnikov, the confidant to Rinat Akhmetov. In 2005 at will of the Interior Minister it spent some months to a pre-trial detention center on charge of extortion of actions of Donetsk shopping center «White swan» at the local businessman Boris Penchuk.

One and a half years ago Penchuk suddenly changed indications on opposite, having declared that Lutsenko forced to stipulate Kolesnikov him. The new round of this history was designated quite recently - the decision of Voroshilovsky regional court of Donetsk Penchuk received 8 years of imprisonment with confiscation for perjury and extortion. Lutsenko assures that has to it no relation, shifting all responsibility to Party of Regions, and complains about cruelty of court.

«I was in Tymoshenko's office, in the room for meetings, at party office and didn't find there any folders with a compromising evidence.I think, it not before»

- Unprecedentedly cruel punishment! I can tell that the first time of g - N Penchuk came to me to a reception in accordance with general practice in October, 2005, by that moment Kolesnikov already as was at home half a year. At me Penchuk's book of 2006 is in a cupboard ( «Donetsk mafia». - Focus) with the signature: «To the ardent fighter for justice!». Therefore for me there was absolutely surprising Penchuk's pirouette when he started saying that it I am his feat on statement writing against Kolesnikov. When he wrote it, I didn't know a single thing about existence of such citizen, as Penchuk. I think that to it, obviously, promised to cancel punishment if it gives evidences against Lutsenko. But in Donetsk there is the well-known saying: «The sucker a sin not to throw». Therefore the legendariest court of Donetsk region it is indicative I gave Penchuka that term which threatened Kolesnikov.

To approach intelligently. «The Ministry of Internal Affairs has questions to Victor Baloge. Whether mind will suffice it today to sit down on plank beds, will show life»

- Kolesnikov told «To the Ukrainian truth» how, we quote, «Lutsenko in an office of Balogi got drunk and apologized to me and my wife».
- For a start I in confidence will tell you that practically I don't drink cognac - I don't love. Certainly, I happened in an office of Balogi. But the scenes described by Kolesnikov, weren't and couldn't be in principle. I knew that Kolesnikov the six, but didn't know that he also the brekhlivy six. We will put to it the end. And concerning an office of Balogi - not a secret that one of wings of the party of regions practically lives and works on Bank, exactly there the g - N of Baloga spins an intrigue with radicalization of a political situation in Ukraine. Speak about preparation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council about discharge the prime minister - the minister and, probably, the Minister of Internal Affairs. Speak about introduction of any special presidential board. Similar ideas constantly flashed in the head of Balogi even from the moment of appointment as his head of the Secretariat. Whether mind will suffice it today to sit down on plank beds, will show life.

- You want to tell, what concerning Victor Balogi still there will be affairs, investigations?
- Will be. They already go, I never it hid.I consider that the official of such rank, flying by charter planes for which offshore firms pay, has to answer according to the current legislation (in the previous interview to Lutsenko's Focus told that for flights of the head of the Secretariat president Victor Balogi by planes of the state air enterprise «Ukraine» the offshore companies paid. - Focus). Materials are for this purpose collected, and I am sure that soon they will be embodied in criminal cases.

- It will be used against the head of the Secretariat in presidential campaign?
- This question isn't connected with campaign. It is connected with the law and responsibility for its violations.

- And any new facts and affairs against Balogi are as you speak only about everything known?
- Problem not in number of violations, and in responsibility for each of them. Yes, we have to it questions of other character - we intend to cause it on interrogation on the case of murder in Zakarpatye (Lutsenko doesn't open, about which episode there is a speech - promises to make the special statement soon about it. - Focus), we are going to set to it and some other questions. Me, for example, very much interests why its 150 subordinated, caught on bribes last year, are appointed decrees of the president and orders of heads of the state administrations, but nobody was responsible for such personnel work. Who and for what gingerbreads palmed off on the president of these people? The greatest of their bribes - 42 million. Such sum officials of one of district state­demandedadministrations in Kiev region for the land plot.

- Now again conversations on the coalition of Party of Regions and BYuT were resumed. According to our information, negotiations with Akhmetov have to take place soon.
- Politicians for this purpose also are created to conduct negotiations, instead of to be at war, especially with use of power structures. I know that Yulia Timoshenko communicates with representatives of Party of Regions, and I don't see in it anything shameful.

- These are deputies from group of Klyuev who allegedly present interests of BYuT to PR?
- I think, the circle of contacts of the prime minister is much wider. After all I personally communicate both with Klyuev, and with Akhmetov, both with Yanukovych, and with those deputies who represent law-enforcement interests in Party of Regions - with the Irish jig, Sivkovich, Gritsak and others. The oppositionist is not the enemy of the people. After all and his voters have the right for protection and justice. If Akhmetov meets Tymoshenko it it is good.If as a result they clever vote for something together - especially well, and if still together with «Self-defense» - in general it is remarkable!

- But happen PR and BYuT coalition, you for certain «will hand over» on favor of partners? You after all consider such option?
- I have a habit not to prepare spare airfields. My motto: life works well if not to be protected (laughs). Therefore I never thought of possibility of resignation. Still the father taught me - any position temporary, but you have to use this time so that then not to be whipping the cat for the incomplete.

- You, knowing the president, would advise it to go on the second term?
- No, and I publicly told it it. I consider that the main thing for the country, for history and for Yushchenko - adequately to finish this presidential term. It seems to me, he understands it. At me a difficult position because it is my president for whom I agitated and I voted. Nevertheless it already other Yushchenko. It is enough to compare celebration of its birthday in 2005 - m - open, democratic in one of the Kiev pubs where there were all friends of the Maidan, - and birthday of this year in the closed kuchmistsky residence in Ivano - Frankovsky area where the whole world court with friends from Party of Regions


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