In Nikolaev criminals will be able to calculate on a smell

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The science doesn't stand still, and even criminals become more and more informed. Even more often law enforcement agencies face a problem of total absence of material traces of crime, for example, fingerprints, material evidences. Especially often it occurs at disclosure of custom-made murders where practically "professionals" of the criminal world always act, and also at investigation of rapes and thefts.

Only odorologichesky examination can help criminalists with such cases, in other words, research the zapakhovykh of traces. In the majority of the European countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, experts - одорологи together with laboratory dogs help investigators with disclosure of criminal cases. In Ukraine odorologichesky practice only starts developing - three research centers - infully workNikolaev, Vinnytsia and Zhitomir where from all country direct the "preserved" smells.

In an odorologiya natural abilities of dogs "are rather actively used to pick up a trail on a scent". On a smell they easily distinguish even members of one family. It is enough to person to take a subject in a hand (even through a glove) only some seconds that then the dog during experiment defined who exactly possesses a zapakhovy trace on it.

Smells of people as it appeared, have the material nature and in special conditions (preserved in sterilized and hermetic bank) at a certain temperature 10-12 years can be stored. I began to smell each person specific as fingerprints and a genetic code, he doesn't change during all his life. Different chemical compounds which are allocated by the person, bear information on the one whom (the man or the woman) is the criminal, on a smell it is possible even to find out in what physiological, functional and emotional state the malefactor was at the time of crime implementation, reports the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev region.

The lack of such procedure is that smells on personal belongings (clothes, footwear), and also on subjects of commission of crime remain some days and if experts in any reasons aren't able to preserve and identify necessary smells in this time, write - was gone... Exceptions make only blood, hair and nails - they store an individual smell of the person of ten years.


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