The Nikolaev members of the same party of head of the Ukrainian NDP Lyudmila Suprun have no money for visit of public toilets, and is guilty - the grandmother - the controler?

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Today, about 13 o'clock in the afternoon, on crossing of streets Soviet and Big Sea there was an incident. Two tipsy elderly men decided to celebrate need in the dry closet located in this area. But it was visible very much to citizens невтерпеж because - the controler raising an entrance fee - they simply ignored the granny.

However the vigilant woman resolutely стребовала from them on hryvnia for everyone after to visitors "felt better".

But, as it appeared, nobody was going to pay to it. And business is actually already made. Why to be spent once again? However the controler wasn't appeased and, on the trouble, continued to be nervous, pressing for money. Then men roughly and obscenely "explained" that to it not to see money better if it lags behind подобру - поздорову.

Having understood that clients got into a public institution "hares", it lifted shout, than drew attention standing at a stop waiting for a minibus of people. Such "advertizing" pleased to men not. Without thinking twice, one of them decided to calm down the vigilant pensioner, having knocked her on the head. The woman fell. Here - that to the aid of the woman two young people who have detained ungirdled hooligans of respectable age also appeared in time.

And soon on a call to the place of events there arrived also militia which delivered disturbers of tranquillity "where follows", namely - in the central regional department of militia of Nikolaev. It was one of detaineesVladimir Ozharenko, and here the second - certainVyacheslav Borisovich Nikora, which as it became clear, is one of heads of the NDP Nikolaev regional organization (It is national - democratic party)!

The limit to indignation of detainees wasn't.But having understood that banal curses and threats to all and all on guards of due influence didn't conceive, citizens "smoothly" passed to charges, having announced the detention almost the political order! In any case, in every way they tried to declare incident by provocation and to give it very unambiguous political coloring …

"by Apofigey of deification" in regional department the statement of fans for free" that … they at all didn't visit any toilet began "to be facilitated, and detained them almost on someone's to "the personal instruction"! And that the granny - the controler wanted from them - men don't understand. Then it turns out, as the old woman fell? The earth rose towards - as speak in these cases …

Men, after detention, stayed in regional department about three hours then it was made админпротокол according to KOAP Art. 173 - "Small hooliganism".

It is clear that membership in ranks of any party is dictated by exclusively personal belief - moral, material, political. And most often - all and at once. But very much there is a wish to ask a question to the top management of the All-Ukrainian It is national - democratic party - life of the Nikolaev members of NDP what they save each kopek even on own physiological needs is really so heavy? ! Not especially, thus, having attended to reputation of party which in this case represent?

Maybe it is worth entering the separate column financing on a case such here a swagger - major circumstances? Otherwise who knows, how many still the old women, decided to earn additionally on control in toilets, members will cripple such here?

P.S.The question that is set, but to Kiev far, and there are big doubts that in the capital "voice" Nikolaev the Internet - editions will be heard. And here to "the", local leaders of NDP "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" to reach where it is simpler. Because very much it is curious - that concerning behavior of the members of the same party in public places of the hometown the head of the NDP Nikolaev regional organization Vladimir Yemelyanov thinks?


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