The Ukrainian military beat off at terrorists Russian "Hail" and "Bumblebee", - the Ministry of Defence

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The Ukrainian military beat off an arsenal of the weapon at terrorists and withdrew from fighters of BM-21 "Hails", RPO - And "Bumblebee", machine guns and sniper rifles of the latest modifications which are used in army of the Russian Federation. 

It was declared by the deputy chief of the VSU Main command center colonel Yury Mikolenko, reports Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. 

As it is told in the message, Mikolenko I noted that many cases of withdrawal at fighters of samples of arms and military equipment who have a foreign origin in the east are fixed, that is weren't considered and weren't used before in the territory of Ukraine.

According to Mikolenko, being guided by the carried-out preliminary analysis of these samples of arms, most likely it is possible to speak about The Russian Federation, as to the country of origin of the withdrawn equipment and the weapon.

"The most graphic evidence of it is the last case when on June 27 it was blocked, and then is taken the tank which terrorists used during attack to the Ukrainian military unit in Artemovsk. On the account in Armed forces of Ukraine this tank T - 64BV didn't consist and doesn't consist", - Mikolenko noted. 

According to him, there is an opportunity to claim that fighting unit recently were in lists 205-й the motor-shooting crew which is deploying in the Russian city of Budyonnovsk.

"Case number of the tank, number of its units, and also the storage batteries made on one of the enterprises in Sankt testify to it - Petersburg", - Mikolenko noted.

According to him, similar conclusions are drawn and on other weapon captured at terrorists, in particular, by BM withdrawn from fighters-21 "Hails", RPO - And "Bumblebee", to machine guns and sniper rifles of the latest modifications which are used in army of the Russian Federation.

We will remind, on VS Russian Federation post, in the area gas-distributing stations Shooting the Genichesky region of the Kherson area, still in addition there was a rocket launcher of volley fire «Hail»  and complex of «typeWith-300».On forward positions PZRK and a gun are observed.

We will note that the official representative of the National Security and Defense Council information center Vladimir Chepovoy declared that Russia I threw to border with Ukraine squadron of fighters the INSTANT-29 also carries out prospecting flights.

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