"Sasha - the stomatologist" lives in Moscow and declares that he ran from the country separately from the father

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Son of the fluent president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych Alexander known, as «Sasha - the stomatologist» , declares that he ran from Ukraine separately from the father. 

He declared it in interview to the edition «Left coast». 

According to him, on February 22, 2014 it left from Donetsk to the Crimea together with the family but as he claims, in the Crimea the father Victor Yanukovych didn't meet. 

- There was it after it became clear that for my family big risk of stay in Donetsk. Full lawlessness reigned. My son as I knew from two sources, were going to steal from kindergarten. To steal for blackmail of the President. Naturally, we from a garden quickly took away the son, gathered and left by car: I, wife, two our children. We went to the Crimea. I considered that for my family there it will be safe, - Alexander Yanukovych told.

According to him, in spite of the fact that at the same time and his father on cars went the same route,themways with it then weren't crossed, and spoke only by phone. 

- We in the Crimea didn't see each other. I with it wasn't crossed. How many we there stayed, I don't remember. But precisely more than a month. When borders between the Crimea and the Russian Federation didn't become, I moved to Moscow. As for Victor Fedorovich, I won't make comments as I don't possess information. And we with it didn't speak about it, there were short exchanges of information and everything, - Alexander Yanukovych declared.

According to him, he doesn't believe that Victor Yanukovych came to a press - conference in Rostov on someone's coercion.

- I don't know it. And who could order it? ! I exclude that the authorities of the Russian Federation could order it it. You consider, what the president whom he was at that time, shouldn't come to a press - conference thus, what there were such events? I consider that it as the incumbent president was obliged to come to a press - conference. Why it occurred in the territory of Russia? For obvious reasons: because it couldn't return to Ukraine, - Yanukovych - younger declared.

It is known that On February 20 in Kiev security officers shot unarmed demonstrators on Institutskaya Street. During opposition on Euromaidan from hands of a mode of Yanukovych more than 100 people were lost.

Also we will remind, earlier it was reported, what exactly  «family» Yanukovych finances terrorists in the east of Ukraine.


Андрей Семенов

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