"Knights of a board and a sword" celebrate 17 - the anniversary of security service of Ukraine

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On March 25 17 years to Security service of Ukraine were executed. About it in the building of SBU of area passed solemn action. The deputy governor Dmitry Oboronko, the head of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko, the deputy mayor Valentina Bondarenko, the chief of the Nikolaev customs Valentin Kowalewski and many other important persons came to congratulate the staff of service.

Yury Paramonov

The head of department of SBU of area, counter - the admiral Yury Paramonov in brief told about SBU history: "USBU in the Nikolaev area is one of the few managements which for the last 17 years practical experience of counteraction to infringement of territorial integrity of the country has. There are a major Skiba, his assistant major Ivanenko, the former deputy head of department at the Nikolaev area, and nowadays the chief of tax administration Leonid Korchagin which were among those who in 2002 took direct part in localization of criminal activity of one of radical structures of Ukraine. Representatives of this structure resorted to armed attacks on jewelry stores, changes, pawnshops. On the earned money they bought the weapon to create separate state education in the territory of the southern regions of Ukraine. During investigation of criminal case with signs of infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine 11 persons were brought to trial by age from 17 to 36 years, including foreigners.

The history of formation of SBU is closely connected with history of Nikolayevshchina. Protection of shipbuilding even was a prime question 100 years ago.

In 1916 in Sevastopol blew up and for an hour the linear battleship "Empress Maria" which all in a year before was lowered from building berths of shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards sank. By then this ship was better than others is armed and in many respects exceeded on tactics - technical characteristics of the predecessors. And the main thing - I was better, than the ships of fleet of the opponent.

Over a question of causes of explosions worked, except specialists of commission of inquiry, and workers of military counterintelligence of that time. But to the full reasonable answer they didn't come by then. A secret was revealed only 30-those years the XX century.Then it was succeeded not only to establish organizers of explosion, but also to open in the southern region diversionno - espionage group of investigation under the leadership of the German citizen".

Only 113 employees of SBU were awarded by diplomas and valuable presents

Yury Paramonov noticed that many methods which were used by security officers 100 years ago, are effective and now: "These days 90 years from the date of creation херсонско - the Nikolaev extraordinary commission on fight against counterrevolution, sabotage and speculation with the center in Nikolaev are executed. This commission in the house on Malaya Morskaya Street, 1 settled down. In 1922 the task investigation team on fight against economic crimes in Kherson and Nikolaev was created. Each three days they reported on the management that is made for protection of economic interests of the state. Despite all actions, level of illegal trade operations I didn't decrease. The management of the extraordinary commission imposed penalties on workers who had no results of work, directly as at us (laughs). In the same time, the captain Mironyuk who successfully organized work with locals, solved a little economic crimes, for what was awarded by a monthly salary of a salary and a winter coat".

Vladimir Kalinin

One of the former heads of SBU of area, the general - the major Vladimir Kalinin came to congratulate colleagues.

- I look in a hall, and the pride covers me for those employees who were enlisted in ranks of management in 2002, 2004, 2005, - he told. - Now they already captains, majors, heads of services. For these 17 years are created the main kernel of expeditious management process. And they are a worthy change us, veterans. My destiny developed so that I served in several regional governments, but sincerely I say that the Nikolaev management - one of leaders in Ukraine. Knights of a board and sword, the people handed over you in hands a board and a sword for protection of its interests. But it is necessary to dispose of them skillfully. Упаси God you to walk, figuratively speaking сапожищами on human destinies. The state entrusted you much more, than to ordinary people. We know firsthand as responsibility which on us lies is difficult. It only in detectives - the romantic. And in real life is an everyday persistent laborious work. Certainly, we know that your wives, your children from - for your employment by time are deprived of your attention.But your work is very necessary to the state. I will tell that the opponent and the foe with a criminal shade doesn't doze both within the country, and abroad. Therefore be vigilant, companions security officers.


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