Vladimir Uvarov headed the Nikolaev delegation which went on meeting with the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko to Odessa

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Today, in the city of Odessa, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko, passes meeting with local police inspectors and heads of regional departments Odessa,Nikolaevand Kherson areas.

During meeting, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko promised to dismiss local militia inspectors if in the territory subordinated to them narcobrothels or sellers of drugs about whom they don't know are found and don't take the appropriate measures.

"If since April 1, the district police officer who more than half a year serves, and in its territory other services find a narcobrothel or distributors of drugs, will be automatically discharged from office", - the minister declared.

At the same time he once again noted that the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs demands from district police officers of full registration of addresses of citizens and acceptance of the appropriate measures on them, conducting scheduled maintenance with earlier judged, identifications of narcobrothels, distributors of drugs and persons who are engaged in illicit manufacturing of alcoholic drinks.

Besides, Lutsenko sharply scarified number of reports which instead of "real work" district police officers monthly have to write.

It obliged heads of regional departments and other officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs till April 15 twice to reduce number of reports. "To whom they are necessary. Work, and its result" is necessary, - the minister noted.

At the same time the Interior Minister urged heads of regional managements of militia to stop establishing plans of disclosure of crimes for district police officers.

Yury Lutsenko will initiate also transferring for a year passing of technical inspection of vehicles as yet the network of car repair shops for implementation of this procedure isn't created today.

According to Lutsenko, some time ago the government made the decision that checkup of vehicles can be passed not only on HUNDRED State traffic inspectorates, but also on private HUNDRED which will obtain on it the corresponding license.

At the same time, the minister as practice shows noted, such licenses in Ukraine was given out very little, from - for what car owners can have considerable inconveniences.

Also, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko told that considers inexpedient presence of a large number of police officers during carrying out peace protest actions.

According to the minister, from the experience he knows that presence "the big contingent of militia causes aggression in demonstrators".

At the same time, in his opinion if during protest actions there are prerequisites for offenses, it is possible to cause a reinforcement which is in each regional department.

In this regard Lutsenko urged chiefs of managements of militia not to bring a large number of staff to meetings, "frightening people". "They have the right for a protest, especially, in these difficult conditions", - he added.

"In each case there has to be a head - not muscles, not emotions. Besides, to tear off divisions from other more important functions, it seems to me, it is illogical", - I summed up Lutsenko.

The delegation from the Nikolaev area which takes part in this meeting, was headed personally by the Chief of the Nikolaev regional Department of Internal Affairs militia colonel Vladimir Uvarov.


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