The children living behind a lattice

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Rooms in which these children sleep, are closed on the lock. On doors and windows - lattices. In a toilet - only accompanied by the tutor. For safety from children take away everything that can be used not for designated purpose, including laces that children couldn't do much harm to themselves. In the Nikolaev receiver - the distributor which is on Volodarsky Street, 59, the children who have run away from the house, a boarding school or committed serious crime get.

Now there are 12 children. Someone from them was expelled by trustees, someone didn't sustain persecutions from contemporaries in a boarding school, someone simply wanted free life. In all the rest are ordinary children, such what we see on the street and in own house. Difference only that wasn't lucky these children.

14- summer Maxim (the name is changed) says that didn't get on with the stepmother therefore ran away.

- The father had many chances to refuse me, and he didn't throw, - the teenager tells. - To it the wife, the aunt Nadya, suggests to throw me. Speaks: "Refuse it". But the father doesn't refuse. Loves, probably. The aunt Nadya slanders on me. For example, I slept at home all night long, and she told the father that I walked all night long, and that she saw how I in a window got out.

Maxim's mother was in prison, in the same place ached and died. The father too sat. When it was released, I took away the son from a boarding school. Now they live in the house of the new wife of the father. Maxim says that the stepmother openly declares to the child that he is a parasite, and in her house - superfluous. Now militiamen find out, in what conditions there lived the boy and define his further destiny.

About the receiver - the distributor it speaks about the impressions so:

- At first I thought that got to prison. And then I understood that here it is possible to play soccer, and to watch TV, to read books. Tutors here good, don't shout.

Maxim found Valentin Katayev's book "Son of a regiment" in receiver library. At the majority of children reading books - here one of the main occupations.

The neigbour Maksima in a school desk, Alyona (the name is changed), tells that already five times ran from the house. On the fifth time mother decided and wrote the application in militia.

- When you leave the house, - Alyona speaks, - you think only of itself. And when here you get, you think of mother.

The majority of children promise that got to the receiver - the distributor for the first and for the last time - more escapes aren't in their plans. But 14 - summer Tanya (the name is changed) admitted that if her again will return to the same boarding school, she surely again will run away. Her mother is deprived of the parental rights from - for alcoholism. Now mother lives in the village near Nikolayev together with the cohabitant. The grandmother can't issue guardianship over the granddaughter from - for the age and bad financial position. The boarding school in which defined the girl, is far from the grandmother's house. In Tan's boarding school I didn't get on with children, and tutors, according to her, don't want to understand a situation.

- I want that me transferred to other boarding school, is closer to the grandmother, - she speaks. With this request employees of the receiver already sent documents to regional department of education and sciences, and to service for children. On a question, whether there is at it a dream, Tanya answers: "Is. I want that me took in a foster home".

- the distributor children get to the receiver for 30 days. During this time the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs finds out that forced the child to run away. After that or return it in a family, or in a boarding school, or by a court decision define in correctional facility.

- The receiver - the distributor for children exists in Nikolaev 20 years. Initially here children who lived on the street got, - the receiver prevention inspector - the distributor for childrenspeaksSvetlana Krayvanova. - Since 2000 here began to direct children who committed serious crimes - murder, rape, a robbery, theft. We had a girl of 12 years who strangled the grandfather. They with the company decided it to rob and strangled. And since April of last year children who run from the house or from a boarding school began to arrive to us. Such - the majority. There are four children who get to us systematically. Them already frightens nothing, constrains nothing. They simply run from a boarding school. Free life wants to them, from anybody not dependent. We transfer them back to a boarding school, and they again run away. It is a lot of children "house". For them we become a limiting factor. They understand that their acts can cause responsibility. And isolation within a month very significantly influences them.

Last year through the Nikolaev receiver - the distributor there passed 136 children.Within 30 days of stay here psychologists, lawyers, experts work with them on an art - therapies, children study subjects of the school program. Tutors say that very much there is no help of teachers. In staff - only two tutors with pedagogical education. The help of students - volunteers who could give classes with children, would be very opportunely. Periodically in the receiver believers from orthodox church visit. Some children expressed desire to host a baptism, and the priest christened them directly here.

On money which are allocated by the state, the receiver buys food. But to indulge children with yogurt or juice, it is necessary to look for sponsors.

- These children have no many elementary things, - the director of Assistance to Children charity foundationspeaksElena Legkaya. - The fund bought soap, drugs, bed linen for the receiver. By the way, to raise money for treatment of children, cancer patients (primary activity of fund -авт. ) it is much simpler. When you ask money for these children, on them simply wave a hand as though they are already lost for society.

The children who have got here, - not derelicts and for society aren't lost. Their eyes shine hope, they love the parents even if that them refused. They dream of other life therefore run from this. They want freedom, and expect understanding from us. Each of them has a dream. Someone wants to get rid of a gloomy and unpleasant boarding school, someone - to find mother, let not native, but loving and kind. Many of them became unnecessary the families. There are cases when parents beat the child and don't give him food. And children all the same believe that once all bad will end.


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