Performance of custom-made murders — a new way of repartition of property

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On June 18 the Strasbourg court considered the complaint izvestnogno the Russian businessman businessman Anatoly Bykov. Whether it is possible to put for anything those whom precisely is for what to put?

Performance of murder of Pasha - the Light show

The former head of board of directors of Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter (КрАЗа), nowadays the deputy of regional Legislative Assembly, complains of illegality of the arrest, methods and an order of collecting proofs against it.

The speech about the last criminal case brought against the former shadow owner of Krasnoyarsk. Within Bykov's that investigation arrested in the fall of 2000, and in the summer 2002-го sentenced to 6,5 years of imprisonment conditionally for the organization of attempt on Vilor Struganov's criminal authority (to Pasch - the Light show). As the performer of the bykovsky order for murder Alexander Vasilenko (Sasha - the Parachutist) acted. Light show and the Parachutist earlier truly served Bykov, and at that time cooperated already with FSB. It dramatized murder and when Vasilenko was with the report to Bykov, having caused that on conversation ("the hidden interrogation" as qualifies this action of Bulls), security officers had proofs which allowed to arrest "the national oligarch of Krasnoyarsk Krai". Bulls believes that charge received trumps as a result of provocation.

Consideration of the case "Bulls against Russia" can significantly influence practice of domestic militiamen. The facts the are as follows: performance of custom-made murders became their everyday method of work. Uses similar statements and, for example, FBI. However business, as usual, in nuances. In Russia imaginary murders became technology of repartition of property habitual already and the capitals, nearly ordinary marketing reception for advance of goods and services.

Only in Krasnoyarsk the dozens of performances in which first act electronic mass media in eager rivalry report about the next custom-made murder of the businessman in recent years are played, show the entrance covered with blood, the apartment or the car, shot sleeves, and even corpse carrying out; in the second act there is an arrest of murder accused of the organization. In the third dead man revives like Lazar. The imaginary victim (or the third party) gets chance to redistribute assets in own favor.

Pseudo-dead men

I will list the most resonant imitations of custom-made murders only in Krasnoyarsk or with participation of Krasnoyarsk citizens.

In the fall of 1999 the television reported about murder of the director of travel agency Olga Ivanova. Showed the corpse, the anxious militia, neighbors … In a day the businesswoman revived. In an air she told that operation of the Organized Crime Control Department, prosecutor's office and TV was successful - the customer of its "murder" and the intermediary seized.

Ivanova, by the way, only for a while solved a problem with old ill-wishers and soon sewed the new. It got conditional penal for fraud, changed a surname and a field of activity (the tourist market - for share construction) and again obtained term, besides for fraud. Many people whom she deceived, admitted to me that cautiously showed to Ivanova claims, bearing in mind that muddy history when her enemies for a long time seated on plank beds.

And here a tie of the following performance (the same direction - regional prosecutor's office and the Organized Crime Control Department): on the bank of Yenisei found a jeep of the businessman Anatoly Zolotukhin, in salon - a shot sleeve and brown spots. The corpse isn't present. Next day by transfer of money to the killer arrested the head of a city Georgian community of "Ertoba" and the Siberian center of social protection of athletes of Paatu Makhatadze. He clashed with Zolotukhin for the building in the center of Krasnoyarsk. First dispute proceeded in the legal plane. Then there was "murder". For the fifth day Zolotukhin returned "from a next world" and won dispute.

Business of the general director of Agrodetal firm Alexander Fedorov was developed round gas station. Fedorov was "ordered" by one of heads of other Krasnoyarsk firm, his old acquaintance with whom they had business in the USA.

The businesswoman Oksana Lopatina became the next one imaginary dead woman. And again ashore according to the scenario there was a car covered with blood with the broken glasses.

Shareholders "Krasnoyarsk of Infoservice" Victor Poddubny and Gennady Dobryak argued for the right to possess the building where couple of tens businessmen rent the areas. Typical conflict: the parties have almost equal rights for the profitable house, nobody wanted to concede the share. The only exit - to agree. But why, if for settlement of dispute of managing subjects it is possible to use retaliatory bodies? Soon to the audience showed Poddubny's shot jeep, blood pools (this time used ketchup). The good-natured person arrested.However the facilitated version - "instead of blood" - didn't work ketchup in a jury, people didn't believe performance of FSB and edge prosecutor's office. The good-natured person acquitted.

"And crocodiles cry …"

Usually after the curtain falls, security officers willingly make comments on the statements. From their words leaves that the technology is already fulfilled. To them the employed murderer comes and frankly spreads: say, I secured the order, but I won't execute it not at any price. Field investigators report to the being outlined victim that to it threatens, and will organize a teleplay. Then the liquidator trained in elements of system of Stanislavsky and covered by "bugs", goes to report on the customer on execution and to be discharged. Transfer of money document, members of spetsnaz are on a silver platter and latch on hands лиходея handcuffs. Хеппи - энд.

The case with Bykov most brightly highlights background of this method. Very few people from really informed persons doubted that Bulls could order the Light show. Only an essence not in it. Investigation of tens real custom-made murders of which earlier it was suspected Bulls and its environment, at all didn't complicate to it life. So, in 2000 business was at all in Bykov, and in that property which he controlled.

According to the official version, Sasha - the Parachutist came on September 21, 2000 to reception FSB in Moscow and wrote the application that Bulls charged to it to kill Struganov. Even in the spring 1999-го Sasha was put by Bykov to look behind the Light show in Moscow with the instruction: "See and if that, kill".

Having appeared in the Hungarian prison, Bulls received from Struganov various offers how to exchange actions of KRAZA for freedom. I considered bulls that it simply "part", hatred to the former colleague grew. Especially Bulls got irritated when with similar idea that came to the Marine, his wife. Then Bykovo transported to Russia, and since May, 2000, under Sasha's certificate, the boss personally and through couriers confirmed and concretized the order - at first from a Krasnoyarsk dungeon, and then and after wonderful release from it. Vasilenko was transferred by cartridges and the gun - a homemade product from IZh-79.

Later Sasha shared why didn't begin to kill Struganov. "the moral principles" prevented. He is (Sasha) - deeply believing. Probably, the same principles brought Vasilenko into the Moscow reception FSB. And subsequently they forced to refuse the indications.Say, there was a draw, and it apologizes for that stipulated Bykov under pressure of Struganov who has absolutely intimidated him "the manual militia generals". This recognition of Vasilenko who has become the citizen of Germany removed on video, deputies of the State Duma who long talked to it in Cyprus brought.

According to Struganov, Vasilenko was paid by 6 million dollars. Anyway, the court considered that Vasilenko changed indications under the influence of Bykov's acquaintances, and didn't take into account of a throwing "deeply moral" Sasha - the Parachutist.

Doubts in that the repentance could overtake transferred three clinical death, everywhere carrying about himself a parachute (and jumping with it a free minute) Aleksandra Vasilenko, nowadays the burgher, and before the owner of a small bakery (with which I helped it Bulls), at me personally isn't present. However the speech not about isolated cases - about the mechanism. About epidemic of enlightenment of hitmen. Also you judge to what the frequency of this phenomenon testifies: about conscientiousness the zaplechnykh put masters or what militiamen patronize a decent segment of the market of "orders" and actually killers? Without it performances wouldn't be put on a stream. Other explanations aren't present. If not to assume that provocations, or as they are called by security officers, "operational combinations", and will be organized by them.

On a hook

"Murder" on September 29, 2000 in Moscow on Kutuzovsky Avenue of Vilor Struganov (Pasha - the Light show) and Vyacheslav Ismendirov (Executioner) became an undoubted hit in a series of performances. What preceded this event?

In 3 months prior to Struganov and Ismendirov's statement detained on suspicion in participation in real murder of the businessman Vitaly Parfyonov. That in Bykov's war with the governor Alexander Lebed chose the party of the general and before death headed unitary the Regional Markets enterprises. So Parfyonov encroached on a sphere of influence of Struganov.

Their short and bright conflict came to the end with demonstrative murder - in broad daylight, in the center of Krasnoyarsk. Killers didn't try to hide at all the person or to veil a rag a machine number. Them soon tied. The widow Parfyonova provided to a consequence a writing-book of the husband. By it in four days prior to death it is written down: "The pasha - a threat Light show". On interrogation the investigator showed to Struganov the diary and received the remarkable answer: "In records it is said that it is threatened by Pasha - the Light show, and I am Vilor Viktorovich Struganov. You can be verified with the passport. Also I don't know about any light show".

Struganov released. Later, in court, interrogated only as the witness.

Probably, Struganov really had no relation to punishment with Parfyonov and him "set up". For what? It is reasonable to assume that detectives counted on the Light show as witness of charge against Bykov. At that time investigation into its account slipped, Vladimir Tatarenkov (Tatar) brought from Greece directing killers who shot Bykov's ill-wishers, refused to give evidences. And the Light show was a pliable material as some years I was Bykov's right hand "on the street" and I passed according to the long list of affairs on murders.

Bykov's friend, the deputy of the State Duma Dyomin, declared that to the Light show granted freedom "in exchange for cooperation".

I distinctly remember feeling of the experiment made by security officers in the summer 2000-го. The commission of the deputy minister of internal affairs Vladimir Kolesnikov, of whose name local nouveau riches frightened children, already smoothed out edge from a bykovsky clan. But Struganov and his confidants unlike other bykovets didn't disappear from the country and weren't gone. Why - that to the Light show allowed more, than another. Everywhere it was presented that the beatings which have occurred by those summer of several authorities, poisoning with rat poison of the friend Bykov Sergey Blinov, firing in the age-old friend Bykov Victor Telyatnikov - work of people of the Light show.

And here on August 24, 2000 from a pre-trial detention center where waited for court on initial charges in the address, I left Bulls. It why - that let out under the guarantee. Before it released Struganov, having interrogated him in the matter of Parfyonov. Krasnoyarsk security officers who for several years successfully supported an image of fighters with Bykov, at that moment, appear, created to it a preference mode. It isn't excluded that from it the revenge waited. To set for certain and for a long time. And left. In 40 days Bykov again sent for a lattice.

Group of authors

Light show sincerely I believed that Bulls is eager for his death. Also I wanted to survive not simply, after all the place of the former boss in Krasnoyarsk hierarchy was released. And the Parachutist dreamed to settle quietly in Germany, without problems having obtained nationality. Thus, potential objects were ready to that intelligence services included them in a combination.

So bodies proved the efficiency. The young president strengthened image of the fighter with oligarchs.And for two generals - Kolesnikov who has begun criminal prosecution of Bykov, and the governor Lebed who has promised that Bulls will sit, such succession of events was business of personal honor. Generally, the author of the project is talented, at one stroke pleased all. And if murder of the Light show isn't, it should have been thought up.

But who all - the author? Intelligence services? Or all of them worked on main interested in Bykov's neutralization of persons - Oleg Deripaska and Roman Abramovich who have bought by then Krasnoyarsk power - metallurgical assets?

The disposition of forces in August 2000-го when Bulls went out of prison, was such is. KRAZ actually departed to RUSAL - the company created on a parity basis by "Sibal" (Deripaska) and "Sibneft" (Abramovich already without Berezovsky). To the 56% of actions of KRAZA they right after Bykov's release bought in addition another 10% at Bykov's former partner Gennady Druzhinin.

However Bulls were kept by control over 28% of actions of plant. This package allowed to block any important decision. Having come to will, though I told Bulls that навоевался, but I wanted to forgive nobody. The Swiss trading firm Aldeco AG representing interests of Bykov and his partners, submitted to the Zurich arbitration the claim on KRAZ, demanding to indemnify it loss in hundred million dollars (RUSAL, having come to the power at plant, I ceased to ship Aldeco metal). Besides, the list of companions started preparing Bulls for elections in the City Council actively, intending to complicate life to new owners of KRAZA.

And to Krasnoyarsk meanwhile with group of the high-ranking officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kolesnikov (this time - as the adviser to the public prosecutor) again arrived. In all speeches he let know that Bykov's exit to will - blow to reputation of bodies. And he intends to wash a uniform. Kolesnikov declared that the bykovsky case is submitted from edge to the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Watching series stood, expecting changes in tactics of fight against Bykov. reminds one of the Russian movies - The crew to watch online.

As a result TV channels showed the house 5/3 yard on Kutuzovsky and carrying out of corpses from the apartment No. 356-headed forward. In 5 days the funeral of the Light show appointed in Krasnoyarsk cancelled, and to Bykov, the physical education teacher by training, didn't allow to celebrate the Teachers' Day: on the eve of a holiday to it employees of the capital office of FSB, Krasnoyarsk management of FSB, and also GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's offices home came. Almost for two years Bykov moved to Lefortovo.But before it why - that took out for 500 versts to Abakan, to Deripaska's ancestral lands. And only then the plane headed for Moscow.

Light show with triumph I returned to Krasnoyarsk. Its friends occupied the niches released by bykovets. However for a while. Struganov - the person - a proof, having used, soon again imprisoned. By means of some other receptions, than that were used against Bykov.

Draw with the Light show, in fact, came to the end with that washed away the equity stake of KRAZA under control to Bykov (RUSAL carried out additional share issue on such conditions that Bulls lost influence), its empire - banks, plants, etc. - sawed, and for him measured tags the shelter (in regional Legislative Assembly - it is possible, in the State Duma - no,) to which later and let out.

Business is a war

In the story told by the Parachutist, how to him ordered his companion, it is easy to believe, knowing though a few customs and customs of the Krasnoyarsk organized crime. And if absolutely to know nothing about customs and customs of capital security officers and businessmen, I think, without in advance prepared plan Struganov's murder would fill up tens "висяков" which at all didn't harm to Bykov.

From the first scenes it was clear: the proofs got against Bykov by such methods, are vulnerable in the conditions of open competitive process. Probably, and including so strange verdict (6,5 years conditionally) is explained by it.

Soon after trial of Bykov similar case - about the organization the Good-natured person of attempt at Poddubny - was considered by jurors. If they are right, having acquitted the Good-natured person, then it turns out here that. After a teleplot about Poddubny's made a hole jeep to the Good-natured person the acquaintance knowing about his war with Poddubny came. Also I declared that it he solved problems of the businessman, having shot his competitor.

Marina Pochtar, Gennady Dobryak's wife, declared that "the operational combination" was planned allegedly by Poddubny - that by means of bodies to eliminate the competitor. And deputies of Legislative Assembly of edge generalized: it is part of the plan for capture of others business in favor of those businessmen who sponsor bodies.

So it or not, security officers by means of stool pigeons really can resolve all controversial issues once and for all. To any businessman after a news the "muddy" type with a message that it it "filled up" his competitor can be knocked. And further any word can be used in court.

Instsenirovshchik sweep aside suspicions, claiming that work within the law about quickly - search activity. But are silent that such performances in the Russian conditions can become a big problem for society. - processes it is difficult to overestimate influence of security officers on business.

The forthcoming court in Strasbourg in the matter of Bykov will give the next answer on rhetorical, but remaining in Russia very actual a question: whether it is possible to put for anything those whom precisely is for what to put?

Direct speech

Gennady Shiryaev, the chief of RU of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances across Krasnoyarsk Krai, in 2000 - the deputy chief of a field service of RU FSB:

- In Bykov's house to Ovinnom were carried out quickly - search actions in full accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is absolutely exact as there was a set of addresses to controlling and supervising bodies, and all checks showed: violations weren't. In any case, laws of Russia. I can't tell about world practice. "Operational combinations" are applied now by all law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor's office watches that the law wasn't broken. Then, in 2000 - m, provocation from bodies wasn't. I think - No, I know, it is sure - everything occurred within the law.

Yury Shvytkin, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Krai, in 90-x years - the chief СОБРа, the deputy chief of the Organized Crime Control Department of the Department of Internal Affairs of edge:

- It is difficult for me to argue on this subject, I now - the colleague A.P. Bykova. When worked in Management on fight against the organized crime, to Bykov there were certain questions. But that Bulls and present - different people. It in a root changed. Though, of course, I now don't take quickly - search activity … But I can tell that today we see such characters is "быковы cubed". And in general I never approved appeals to the Strasbourg court. It seems to me it is intervention attempts in our affairs from the outside. As for "operational combinations", I to them treat with understanding. It is one of forms of the prevention of crimes of special weight.

Vladimir Ageev, the chairman of regional office of League of veterans ГУБОПа, till 1996 - the chief of the Organized Crime Control Department of the Department of Internal Affairs of edge, with 1999-го till 2003 the head of department Vostochno - Siberian RUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation:

- Performances of custom-made murders rolled in the region, and is quite successful, now it is widespread already on all country. Jurisprudence on such affairs is acquired, give real punishments.Not important, at whom from persons involved in such affairs what self-interest, when carrying out operational combinations makes sense one: to keep life to the person. If bodies didn't organize a performance, murders would be significantly more. And then: bodies are simply obliged to hold such events to establish the customer. And when the person to whom ordered murder, addresses in bodies, his statement is considered not by one person. The sanction of the management of the Department of Internal Affairs undertakes, then within business permission at the judge undertakes. And if we simply led discussions, preventive actions, murders all the same would happen, only a bit later. At us, by the way, the killer always tried to dissuade the customer, and only when that insisted on order execution, we wrote down this conversation, dramatized murder and then by transfer of money, things of the dead took the customer. Such performances are also prevention. Now, before ordering murder, the person hundred times will think: and if in search of the killer I get on the militiaman or their informant?

Who staged a performance with the Light show? Not law enforcement agencies. We are performers. I don't think that someone from the children working then, had mercenary interest. I speak about militiamen.

The employee of the specialbodies, wished to remain unnamed:

- Certainly, that happened then between Bykov and the Light show to participation of bodies, it is possible to interpret and as provocation. I think, Bulls the court will win. After all there are no proofs of that Bulls Vasilenko ordered murder, except its indications. Then he refused them. I got between millstones - between Bykov and bodies. Why its second indications weren't rechecked? And now not to find it, nobody saw it after he in Cyprus refused the words. (According to our data, Vasilenko is in the USA. - A.T.)

Wished to remain anonymous the former employee of FSB, nowadays one of heads of social movement:

- From Bykovo molded and continue to mold the hero. And heroes are necessary for one - for sacrifice. The person only then the hero when the hero I was lost. Badly that he estimates itself(himself) in a superlative degree. And then thinks: why nobody remembers, what I am a hero? From here this reminder on, Strasbourg.

In RUSAL representation in Krasnoyarsk Krai to make comments on court coming in Strasbourg and a company role in Bykov's drudgeries refused.


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