Gangster Petersburg: long-term war of Petersburg organized criminal groups came to the end in the European Union

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In Petersburg there were two loud murders which can be directly connected with recent arrest of 20 members of "the Russian mafia" in Spain after the operation "Three". However, field investigators speak only about one murder, claiming that in the second case it is a question of a suicide. Bodies of authoritative representatives of the Tambov criminal group of Gennadi Urban and Alexander Boytsov found on June 13 on the Nevsky Dubrovka with a difference in half an hour.

Field investigators adhere to the version that killed only "looking on the area" 45 - summer Urban, and 37 - summer Fighters was shot. Both were lost from shots from one weapon. Why their death can be connected with criminal operation in Spain? The matter is that they belong to long ago confronting and almost died out clans of St. Petersburg. Residents of Tambov with whom as it is considered, the Benzopyrone arrested nowadays directed, long time as a counterbalance in the criminal world saw only one force - malyshevets.

It isn't excluded that operation took place in Spain on aiming of competitors. And murder in Petersburg - the answer to detention in Spain. Whether the prevention from inconsiderate acts in the future, whether revenge for already occurred from the bailed members of malyshevsky group. Especially as both killed were included into Mikhail Glushchenko's who has left Russia a few years ago group. He even was the deputy of the State Duma from LDPR. And its past militiamen still are interested. Probably, he told something to Spaniards in exchange for freedom, and now received "final warning".

Whether so there was "signal" of mafia activity of nowadays prospering Spanish businessman Alexander of Gonzales (Malyshev) and his friends is given from coast of Neva?

Long harnessed

In Spain one of fathers of "gangster Petersburg" - Alexander Malyshev was arrested, whose surname in 80-x years of the last century gave the name of one of the most powerful criminal groups of the Northern capital.The company to Malyshev on the Spanish plank beds was kept by nearly two tens more people, among which - the authoritative businessman Gennady Petrov and known for the participation in "Starovoytova's business" Leonid Hristoforov. In Spain seriously speak about blow why - that on "тамбовско - a malyshevsky mafia", and in Russia try to count consequences of this special operation with truly Russian name "Three".

It is necessary to tell that the patience of the Spanish militiamen was titanic: both Malyshev, and Petrov, and many other "victims" of the carried-out special operation lodged in Spain not yesterday, and about tens years ago. And it is logical to assume that since then they and started being engaged in of what them nowadays accuse, namely - to legalize the criminal income. In this regard there is a question by which many are now set: and what happened? It is some versions, any while it is difficult to give preference.

The first version - thus punch to itself serious financial grants or maybe expansion so-called Russian departments of power structures of Spain. Similarly in due time FBI when created the myth about the Russian mafia in America led by Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik) arrived.

The second version - certain structures try to come in such a way to an environment of present Spanish prisoners, first of all - Gennadiya Petrova. Obviously, the Spanish party has bases to believe that threads from it will stretch far, and is more true - highly to Russia.

The third version arises by itself: mass arrests in Spain - intrigues of competitors Malyshev and Petrov. In this case the initiative most likely came from Russia.

Return is postponed

From the point of view of criminal mythology, the unconditional hero of the Spanish epic is, certainly, Alexander Malyshev, whose person is inseparably linked with competitive fight for a place in the sun with other titan of "gangster Petersburg" - Vladimir Kumarin, nowadays Barsukov. Opposition the malyshevskikh and Tambov became criminal history of the city, and this page in literal sense is written by blood. However on extent of today's influence, including financial, more significant figure other "victim" of special operation "Three" - Gennady Petrov to whom attribute close connections among political and business - elite of Russia is represented.

Unlike Malyshev who isn't pleasing the Homeland with frequent visits, Petrov was quite often noticed in Moscow and Petersburg.Especially I became constant visitor in the last one and a half years. Some experts saw communication between Petrov's this activity and the campaign launched in last year against representatives of the Tambov group. Moreover - it is rumored that Petrov in general was going to return to Russia, namely to Petersburg this fall. And as if even I got (the truth, addressed to the spouse) some apartments on the Krestovsky island - in the neighbourhood with many people influential in the country. It is unlikely such neighbourhood would become possible, there are no close connections at Gennady Petrov with Russian political, law-enforcement and business - a top. But, probably, the events developed in Spain, can seriously prevent its plans to return home.


Andrey Konstantinov, general director of Agency of journalistic investigations:

- One business if arrests concerned only our "honored" people, though there was some confusion with "тамбовско - malyshevsky". But after all now there are data that Spaniards too, and what rendered legal and financial advice are detained also. Means, the speech not about traditional mafia niches (drugs, prostitution), and about more serious things - illegal conductings of money. And in this case the situation can have scandalous continuation in Russia.

Gennady Petrov has very high level of contacts. Many serious people both in Moscow, and in Petersburg strongly became nervous. In this regard I had a feeling that our party wasn't really informed on this development …

With Malyshev and Petrov's arrest "gangster Petersburg" finally disappeared. In live or on freedom of "branded" characters of this Petersburg already isn't present …


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