Having experience on installation of plastic windows, young people hacked windows in apartments and plundered people

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Within a month two men plundered apartments of residents Ochakov,Nikolaevareas. Thieves chose only those apartments in which plastic windows were established. Generally "worked" in apartments of the first and second floors.

As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the organizer of a criminal tandem Alexey worked in due time at the enterprise for production of plastic windows, and in perfection is familiar with the mechanism of their installation. By means of a screw-driver and a knife Alexey opened a window in some minutes.

The first attempt of a robbery took place on "hurrah". Watching one of apartments, thieves were convinced of absence of owners and at night through a window got into the room. That time in 10 minutes they got about 1000 hryvnias, some gold products and the portable computer.

Didn't pass also two days after the first sortie as malefactors "cleaned" one more apartment. Then guys plundered houses of fellows villager nearly an every day, reached before that from pensioners took away even pension cards.

In militia multiple messages from the injured citizens began to arrive. The event caused a resonance. People ceased to leave the apartments without supervision. All field services of militia and the public were directed on searches of malefactors. Complexity of search of criminals consisted in lack of traces on crime scenes - thieves acted quite accurately. But in their adjusted actions there was a tear. In one of the robbed apartments they left a trace from footwear.

The gang traded for a month. And meanwhile militiamen identified the personality of suspects and collected proofs. One night malefactors went on the next sortie where "on hot" were detained by employees of militia. From thieves withdrew jewelry, household appliances and money. But the most part malefactors managed to sell in the markets of Nikolaev. For this time detainees are in a temporary detention center and give evidences.

Alexey repents of the perfect. In May they with the wife expect appearance of the first-born, but, most likely, he won't manage to take care of the kid soon.


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