The daughter Tymoshenko with the husband got for a fight to militia, and then to a delphinarium

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The daughter the prime minister - the minister Evgenia Tymoshenko (Carrhae) and her spouses got to militia. According to eyewitnesses, the son-in-law Ledi Yu, the British musician Sean Karr beat two fighters of internal troops who protected entrance on a beach Lanzheron from Shevchenko's park in Odessa.

Incident happened on Friday at 22.15. Evgenia and Sean Karr tried to pass on a beach on a baize accompanied by three more "crews" from two people everyone. They, most likely, participated in the Goblin a bike - show which now takes place in Odessa. The road to the sea was blocked by a barrier as entrance on the health route which goes along the coast, by cars is forbidden. Let only cyclists - for them about a barrier left small journey. Here constantly the dress from 2-3 fighters of internal troops is on duty. When they refused to lift a barrier for Sean, that lashed out at them with with fists. Bikers, having caught sight of a fight, those threatened to lift "goblins" supposedly will come and quickly all will carry. According to witnesses, from guys there was a reek of alcohol.

As eyewitnesses speak, two children from internal troops were traumatized, they have bruises on a body. Business by ended that Kara заломали hands and led in police station. Thus he loudly quarreled, and on - Russian. Evgenia followed it in office. The bike for some time remained near a barrier, then it, on - visible, someone from Sean's acquaintances took away.

Into place right there the militia administration, deputies of the mayor of Odessa Vakhtang Ubiriya and Mikhail Kuchuk and some deputies of the City Council gathered. One of them, byutovets Georgy Selyanin, declared that supposedly occurred nothing. The great number of journalists gathered by then on a place of events.

After a while after Evgenia and Sean got to office, in the building turned off the light, at 00.15 office in general closed. "Gazelle" at great speed drove off from it with an inscription "Militia", behind it "Gazelle" with Gosokhrana's numbers went. About 00.30 Sean Kara took away from militia on "Gazelle" of the Odessa Delphinarium.


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