The court forbade Anatoly Naumenko and Yury Lutsenko personnel rotation of the Dnepropetrovsk militia. How it will be reflected in the Nikolaev?

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People's DeputyYury TregubovI declared that a devil-may-care attitude from the Minister of Internal AffairsYury Lutsenkoto opinion of the People's Deputies who are responsible for legal activity in parliament, already led to full turning of legal supportYury Lutsenkoin its numerous problems.

It is a question of the answer of the Minister to the deputy addressSvyatoslav Oliynyk and Yury Tregubov, in which parliamentarians express concern about mass rotation of an administrative board of militia of the Dnepropetrovsk area and demand immediate dismissal of the chief of regional militiaAnatoly Naumenko.

"If destructive personnel policy takes place only in the Dnepropetrovsk area, the Ministry needs to get rid of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs urgently. If it is style of work of the ministry which takes place and in other regions, the parliament has to get rid of such minister" - the deputy is sure. Reports Dneprovsky legal bulletin.

It is also necessary to note thatOn March 31 the Zhovtnevy district court of Dnepropetrovsk forbade the chief of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Dnepropetrovsk area Anatoly Naumenko and the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko to execute orders on disciplinary punishments concerning the first deputy chief of regional militia Herman Masyaykin.About it reports NOVY BRIDGE NEWS AGENCY.

"LawyerHerman Masyaykin Yury BergelsonI declared that documents based on which Anatoly Naumenko signed the order on disciplinary punishments concerning Herman Masyaykin, are forged, and falsification of documents becomes the main subject of judicial proceedings", - toldSvyatoslav Oliynyk.

LawyerHerman Masyaykinexpects that during judicial proceedings the fact of falsification will be established, and perpetrators will be brought to trial for an abuse of authority and falsification of office documents.

It is known that in 2008 the lawyer Yury Bergelson protected Lutsenko's interests in the conflict on a fight with the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky at National Security and Defense Council meeting.

As earlier it was reported,Yury LutsenkoI responded to the deputy requestSvyatoslav Oliynyk, having explained actionsAnatolyNaumenkothat by consideration of each candidate on the translation or dismissal the got experience and a concrete contribution to fight against crime, and also personal and professional skills is considered.


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