Voznesenskaya's commander of military unit the colonel D. Glazunov, which subordinates got on traffic in arms, is in a pre-trial detention center

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that in the Pechersky district of Kiev employees Kiev the Organized Crime Control Department detained two servicemen of district warehouses is rocket - the artillery arms, located in Voznesensk, the Nikolaev area, and the director of the Kharkov enterprise whom suspect that they plundered the weapon and ammunition in one of military units of the Nikolaev area


As it appeared, two of them serve in military unit of A2920 deployed in Voznesensk. One - the lieutenant colonel, the deputy commander. Another - the foreman holding a position of the chief of warehouses in the same division of the Ministry of Defence.

- Military arrived to the capital to "Mitsubishi" of the lieutenant colonel, - Vladimir Polishchuk, the chief tells a press - services of capital militia. - In a luggage carrier at them sniper rifles SVD, Kalashnikov's machine guns with devices of night vision, machine guns lay: Joint stock company-74 and AKSU, submachine guns, the RGD-5 and set grenade of spare parts to "trunks", and also 6 thousand cartridges. There are reasonable suspicions that they took out the weapon from warehouses of the part, and in the capital tried to sell. With them detained still a certain director of the enterprise of weapon processing (that is on transformation of worn-out "trunks" in collection). They had no documents for transportation of such big party of the weapon. And don't carry the weapon in a luggage carrier of own cars. For such arsenal there had to be a specialtransport with the corresponding protection.

Possibly, under the pretext of utilization of the old weapon from part quite efficient units were taken out, and then were on sale in "the black market". Only for the model of joint stock company-74 collectors ask not less than 3 thousand UAH, and the fighting sample will cost many times dearer.

Now the militia understands whom the Nikolaev military wanted to arm. All three - the lieutenant colonel, the foreman and the director of the enterprise - are now detained.Audit will be carried out to their parts - isn't excluded that it any more the first expedition of "weapon barons" to Kiev.

On this fact the chief of the General Staff - the Commander-in-chief of VSU the general of Ukraine Sergey Kirichenko appointed office investigation which it is entrusted to military service of a law and order of Armed forces to carry out. The chief of Military service of a law and order of Armed forces of Ukraine the general - the major Fedor Makavchuk directs carrying out office investigation.

At present in Voznesensky the region of the Nikolaev area the special commission which carries out full inventory of arms and ammunition in military unit of A2920 works. The commission on carrying out inventory is headed by the Chief of Head department of logistics of Command of forces of support of Armed forces of Ukraine the general - the lieutenant Vladimir Hizhy.

As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", at present Head department of military prosecutor's offices of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Organized Crime Control Department of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev, criminal cases concerning the commander of military unit of A2920 and two other servicemen of this military unit were brought. Criminal cases are brought upon stealing and is sold by them the weapon and ammunition.

It should be noted that at present all three (the foreman, the lieutenant colonel - the deputy commander and the commander of military unit of A2920 - the colonel D. Glazunov) are in Nikolaevsk a pre-trial detention center.

Checks in military unit proceed.


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