The Nikolaev taxi driver continues to hope for compensation for the stolen "four wheels"

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In anticipation of Day of fools, on March 31, the board of appellate court in the Nikolaev area under Tatyana Markova's predsedatelstvovaniye considered the appeal of members of Bashtansky crew of motorists - robbers.

Three young people, from 23-x to 31-го after reflections about meaning of life and tracings of the further course of life chose years quite profitable and rather stable type of business - sale of spare parts for cars. And everything would be good, but happened so that in the summer before financial crisis of buyers was though take away, and spare parts to чмзап so went up in price that - at their sale at the old prices - powerful profit it was impossible.

Also they were solved in the beginning (so to say, for test) to clean one farm nearby of Bashtanki. Everything came, as well as possible, spare parts to the estimated sum of 36 thousand UAH young (for the present robbers) stocked up for a long time. But here an ill luck, some inexplicably the body of the car «got to Sergey Tribrat, Andrey Shatalov and Anatoly Virich's handsDAEWOO - LANOS». Time is a body, it was necessary to get all other spare parts - and the brand new car is ready. As soon as that from the conveyor.

Young robbers from once nice «Bashtansky republic» after the following reflections (peculiar «brainstorming» ) decided to go to the regional center. To the area of the railway station in Nikolaev one of «accomplices» I brought by the car of other participants «operations» , I unloaded them without kopek of money, it was developed - and I left home. To check «purity» roads from GAI. Benefit, mobile phones now not a rarity. And coordination in such business is very important, - solved «motorists».

Chose suitable model of a car, hired the taxi driver to give a lift to them to the village of Meshkovo - Pogorelovo (near Nikolaev on the way to Bashtanka), and when unloading passengers the robbed Shpak (such is a surname of the victim) instead of money I saw a trunk of the automatic gun. Having reasonably decided that life of the car isn't necessary, it whole and safe left the quite recently car acquired on credit.Except the car it lost earned by honest work the autoradio tape recorder Japanese (1 piece), the mobile phone «Nokia» (1 piece), documents on the car and other «small things».

The car was driven in bashtansky garage, disassembled it clean and even some money was managed to be distributed each other. And here further - didn't go. To Tribrat and Shapovalov, according to the decision of Zhovtnevy court of December 19, 2008, for nine years it is necessary the skills and abilities to apply «for the benefit of the Homeland» with «civil» look from «the sky in a section». To their accomplice, Virich, gave a little smaller term - 7,5 years of imprisonment.

The essence of the appeal complaint consisted that young robbers, according to them, completely admitted the guilt, of deeds sincerely repent, and therefore - the vessels II-й instances hope for humanity. Tribrat has a small child at the unemployed spouse, Virich has a wife in situation. That caused suddenly in the future of daddy unwillingness to serve a sentence in general:

- I practically didn't do anything, only sat on forward sitting near the driver and didn't allow it to call on the mobile.

And Virich's lawyer also insisted on almost absolute innocence of the client:

- Of course, he received for it 3 thousand, but after all he used all money to kopek not on cheerful pastime in bars/restaurants, and in a family brought. Here and the check proves that on this money the furniture was acquired for a young family.

And if Virich simply asked judicial board not to deprive him of freedom because he doesn't wish «to sit» , other condemned unanimously claimed that need for decrease in terms of punishment by it is based on incompleteness of a consequence on studying of guilt of each of persons involved.

- You made the choice therefore it isn't necessary to accuse court of the sins. What it is necessary to consider on additional supplementary examination, on what the court of I-й didn't pay attention to instance? Simply from - that you don't like a sentence, this business can't walk from court to court, - the chairman of board of judges Tatyana Markova tried to understand.

On similar questions of intelligible answers at the condemned wasn't.

The representative of state charge prosecutor Vasily Danchuk, eight years the heading Bashtansky regional department of militia, knows these children, with one of them his son in one class studied:

- And after all it was said to you that it is better sports should play, and concerning a sentence, so you have to rejoice that to you didn't impute previous concert, and so - it was possible and on a year to add.

The appellate court left punishment terms for condemned without changes so the robbed Shpak should wait for increase of salaries on «nowto zone» , that though sometime to receive compensation for the gone car back. But. There is a hope. Hope springs eternal. Though at parents and relatives condemned it, seemingly, already died away. Despite obvious proofs of guilt of the youth, those continued to hope that justice in this case will take pity over «young and hot».

- They repented. Degree of their repentance is so high, what even words (in view of lack of due education) they can't state. But they should believing, - Virich's lawyer admonished court.

And after all it is a pity that these children didn't learn to read/write and correctly to state the thoughts. You look, and it would be died differently. Without long absences from families and children with parents.

Роман Свиридов

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