Scandalously - charges under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

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"Prestupnosti.Net" was told already about illegal acts in the Zhovtnevy region of a certain citizen with a "rare" Russian surname - Ivanov.

We will remind, - the citizen Ivanov Vitaly Yuryevich 1957 made a number of offenses in the territory of the Zhovtnevy area therefore the prosecutor's office brought criminal case on p.1. Art. 358 of UK of Ukraine (forgery). It is a question of the lands of agricultural appointment making nearly 70 Hectares of an arable land, which citizen Ivanov распаевал on figureheads according to counterfeit documents.

How to it it worked well? Yes it is very simple. In - the first, he is able to forge documents well (in similar crimes it was already brought to trial). And in - the second, as well as any swindler, for Ivanov has some persons, practically, for all occasions. For the public - one person (it is represented the journalist, the retired officer - the submariner), for officials - another (it is represented the chairman of Association of farms) and, at last, the third party is laid up for representatives of bodies of authority and management (calls itself the lawyer, "the investigator of military prosecutor's office").

Actually, certainly, Ivanov has no such regalia. From army him expelled for systematic alcoholism and commission of acts discrediting a rank of the officer. From journalism "asked" for use of the journalistic certificate in mercenary, and at times and criminal intents. And on a post of the head of Zhovtnevy district administration it didn't pass as the diploma of the lawyer mentioned in his pre-election leaflets and questionnaires, in actual fact also appeared "linden". Own, as they say production.

But, as to a string not to curl, and it is necessary to be responsible for the acts sooner or later to everyone. This fate and "journalist" Vitaly Ivanov (by the way, it still issues the Black Sea Coast newspaper which edition with such tshchaniye is searched by tax inspection) bypassed.

As "Prestupnosti.Net" knew, except above-mentioned offenses the citizen Ivanov made on territories of Nikolaev and some other heavier for which will appear before the court soon.

The other day charge under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine was brought at once to it: on ч.2 Art.122 (infliction of bodily injury of average weight for the purpose of intimidation of the victim), on ч.3 Art. 355 (coercion to commission гражданско - legal transactions with application of violence, life-threatening and health of the victim). And, at last, on ч.3 Art. 358 of UK of Ukraine for a fake and use of counterfeit documents at registration in the property of the next ground which this time is not in Zhovtnevom, and in the Central district of Nikolaev.

As we see, the track record at our "hero" is very great, and, considering its former "merits before the Fatherland" (earlier Ivanov was already judged for office forgery, deception and breach of confidence and forgery), term "shines" it the considerable. After all if the fault accused is completely proved (and the indictment consists of 12 episodes of its rough activity), the court, according to the existing criminal legislation, can apply to it a punishment measure till 8 years of imprisonment.

Will be time to think over a familiar expression of the son of turetskopoddanny: "The criminal code needs to be honored".


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