"The serial terrorist" from Nikolayevshchina is threatened by five years

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To "The serial terrorist" from Nikolayevshchina, 55 - to the summer farmer Sergey Arkhipov, and it 53 - the summer workmate from Krivoi Rog which the other day threatened with self-burning if the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko and the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko doesn't retire, shines till five years of prison.

We will remind that "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that in the center of Kiev the special troops took storm the library building - the Nikolaev farmer who was there threatened with self-burning.

As the witness of incident told, the couple seized library in the center of Kiev, the cylinder with gas was exposed at a zareshechenny window, and on glass aggressors fixed a sheet of paper with requirements. As told a press - the officer of the Pechersky District Department of the Interior Yulia Mustash, against them brought criminal case under article of 296 h. 2 (group hooliganism). Now all has to solve court. Now the couple is in Pechersky regional department, writes "Today".

We will remind, Arkhipov - "a skilled suitsidnik", capture of library and self-burning threat - not the first "put" it. In 2006 near GPU building it threatened to jerk in 15 kilograms of explosive. In 2005 - the m tried to burn itself under parliament walls. In 2001 - the m took MINAPK. It didn't punish, without finding crime structure as explosive actually wasn't and nobody suffered.


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