Lutsenko declares that about Kolesnikov told the truth: it and the reference has

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO intends to appeal against the decision of Pechersky district court of Kiev which has obliged it to apologize from a tribune of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine before the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the party member of regions Boris KOLESNIKOV.

He declared it today in time a chat - conferences on a site Korrespondent.Net in Kiev.

"I will appeal this decision in the Kiev appellate court because to me it is absolutely not clear what exactly from declared by me isn't true", - told Yu.LUTsENKO.

Thus it explained that "then in the performance in the Verkhovna Rada I only reported on information, which was used by the State Office of Public Prosecutor for initiation of legal proceedings (concerning B. Kolesnikov - the UNIAN), and in a consequence - and arrest of mister KOLESNIKOV".

The minister continued: "I was specially prepared. Here I have in hands the reference signed by Department of a criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for 2003. It was made even before my arrival to a position of the minister. This reference confirms that in 2003 the Organized Crime Control Department of Donetsk region revealed the steady criminal group operating in the territory of area". According to Yu.LUTsENKO, the organizer and the leader of group "is certain ChUChKIN"." As a part of this group - seven more participants, - the minister continued. - Further workers the Organized Crime Control Department describe participation of group in commission of the following crimes: attempt at PENChUKA (custom-made), GEEVA murder (custom-made), UGREHELIDZE car explosion. On the basis of this information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs collected materials about external supervision with the subsequent attempt at mister of PENChUKA. That together with the statement of PENChUKA for extortion from KOLESNIKOV also became a basis for initiation of legal proceedings. I emphasize, proceedings were initiated not by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the State Office of Public Prosecutor".

At the same time Yu.LUTsENKO noticed that for it is "clear" why B. Kolesnikov "is at war" with it. "At the heart of its claims - policy, instead of the right. At least because during my resignation initiated by Party of Regions, according to the statement of deputies of this fraction criminal case upon excess of office powers by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the matter of Kolesnikov was brought.And then, in 2007, the consequence passed the decision on absence of structure of a crime from law enforcement agencies. So we will wait for a final decision in Appeal and if it is necessary - that and in the Supreme Court", - I told Yu.LUTsENKO.

As reported the UNIAN, on April 6 this year the Pechersky district court of Kiev passed the decision that the Minister of Internal Affairs of Yu.LUTsENKO is obliged to disprove information that the party member of regions B. Kolesnikov is involved in commission of crime.

The decision the court obliged "to disprove unreliable information which was extended by Yu.LUTsENKO on April 7, 2005 during performance in a hall of meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about B. Kolesnikov's participation in commission of crime".

Now Yu.LUTsENKO, emphasized in a press - service, "has to make a denial in a parliamentary hall during sessional meeting. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine also has to sound a denial through the authorized officer in a hall of the Verkhovna Rada during meeting".

Into a press - service PR brought the shorthand report of meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on April 7, 2005 where Yu.LUTsENKO says that on March 25, 2005 the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine brought criminal case upon extortion of transfer of someone else's property by the official with use of official position with murder threat. The minister told that by a consequence is established that "the chairman of Donetsk regional council of People's Deputies of Ukraine KOLESNIKOV by threats to citizens of murder demanded from them to transfer to it and other persons of an action" which belonged to shopping center "White Swan".


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