Kurochkina cleaned group X, and it was helped by a bag with buckwheat?

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Murder of the scandalous Russian businessman was favorable certain российско - the Ukrainian group "X" which wanted it to bring out of business.

About it the newspaper writesToday, referring to sources in prosecutor's office.

According to the edition, is at a consequence there are three versions of causes of death of Maxim Kurochkin:

1. Max fell a victim of war with structures, related with financially - Privat industrial group (these structures "were at war" for the Ozerka market, Kurochkina also attributed the organization of attempt at the businessman Gennady Korban close to "Privat", etc.). However, Korban during lifetime of Max declared that the conflict round "Ozerki" is settled.

2. Kurochkin became a burden for being business - partners from Moscow which interests Max allegedly represented some years in Ukraine (regional power, hotel and other types of business). That is at one time it as if was "looking" in Ukraine from this group, and then began to apply for part of business that wasn't pleasant to owners itself.

3. In his death it was interested certain российско - the Ukrainian group "X" having strong business - interests and a power wing for "sharp" actions.

At the same time Kurochkin's father accuses of death of the son the "orange" power in Ukraine: pier, revenged for that Max. and created by it "The Russian club" supported-2004 Victor Yanukovych during presidential election, the newspaper writes.

The edition reminds that Kurochkin's murder is connected with another high-profile cases: murder of the director of the Ozerka market in Dnepropetrovsk Vladimir Vorobyov (on December 16 2006-го) and execution in Plyutakh.

There were lost Andrey Harchishen who was the next assistant Kurochkina, Anatoly Kulinenko - it is close to Harchishen and Demyan Tupikin - the former security guard from the Ukrainian firm which was earlier working for Kurochkin.

Vorobyov's mentioned murder now too is allocated and went to court of the Dnepropetrovsk area. Other case is investigated, in search (both across Plyutam, and according to "Ozerke") - 10 people.

The edition notes that "the consequence most of all attention gives versions about "group X", and it is meant that all three crimes ("Ozerk", Plyuta, Kurochkin) are integrated while unknown (rather, not called) customers it was important to them to bring completely Kurochkin and his people not only out of business, but even out of life".

The sniper who has killed Kurochkin, the Russian, happened in hot spots, however in orders similar the killerskikh isn't lit. The shooter - very pedantic person, left everything on an attic in a full order: rifle, cartridges, gloves, even a sack on which the weapon leaned. His sniper usually enclose under цевье rifles that the weapon was reliably fixed.

And this sack was very gentle, from - under the French perfumery. Also it is filled with buckwheat. It is a sign of the high professional, buckwheat better than other loose subjects holds the form - time it having taken, then doesn't change.


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