"The figure of "LNR" rescued by militia" prepared euthanasia for the Ukrainian patriots and military, - the journalist

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Lugansk «regional» , so-called «deputy minister of health care «LNR» Pavel Malysh ordered to the subordinates to lull patriots of Ukraine and the wounded military of the Ukrainian army.

About it in the blog on «To Ukrainian Pravda» the journalist Sergei Ivanov writes.

We will remind, on October 5 the Kid was brought violently to Kiev by fighters of a battalion «Aydar» , to transfer him to hands of law-enforcement bodies. But military personnel «Aydara» the militia detained (special troops "Falcon"), «having beaten off» their figure «LNR». As a result «aydarovets» placed in a pre-trial detention center, previously having strongly beaten. After court of the military personnel released on freedom under monetary pledge. Assure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the staff of department investigated «stealing» The kid and he isn't released, and is «on interrogations of SBU» .

Ivanov believes that the detention was generously paid by patrons of the Kid who is very rather well-to-do and important person. Causes questions and a position of the military prosecutor's office demanding to arrest in court «aydarovets» for two months for kidnapping of the Kid.

According to the journalist, prior to the Russian aggression Pavel Malysh worked some years at a position of the head of the department of health care of Lugansk regional public administration.

«Once provincial stanichno - the Lugansk doctor is obliged by the career to such odious persons as Grigory Ilyashov (the head of SVR of Ukraine at Yanukovych, the husband ex-the Minister of Justice Elena Lukash), Vladimir Pristyuk (the governor of the Luhansk region at Yanukovych, one of leaders and financiers of the Lugansk separatist movement) and Alexander Efremov».

«For operating time to RAVINES the Kid became famous for scandalous corruption and obscurantism. He managed to get one of the most expensive tomographs in the world, having deliberately bought the device for budget money at incredibly inflated price. He established to managers of offices of Lugansk regional clinical hospital weekly «tariff of loyalty» , according to which they had to collect from patients and give it from 5 to 10 thousand hryvnias.Eventually, the Kid together with Ilyashov, Pristyuk and Efremov received huge money from illegal production of sand in his native Stanichno - Lugansk the area» , - Ivanov writes.

But especially the Kid caused a stir at a position «deputy minister of health care «LNR». The journalist, referring to physicians of Lugansk regional hospital, tells that the helper of terrorists decided to follow the example of notorious doctors Mengele and Kevorkyan.

«At the end of August Pavel Malysh collected in Lugansk, in regional clinical hospital, in the room behind an office of the former chief physician of LOKB Fedor Solyanik which remained in the city and regional hospital of doctors. Malysh ordered to create group of physicians for euthanasia of patriots and the wounded prisoners from VSU. Without hiding the purposes, so directly also I spoke».

«There, in an office (in the room behind Solyanik's office) about 20 people of zavotdeleniye gathered. They fell into horror from these words and asked to release to think. Doctors didn't come to the following visit of the Kid. To convince doctors together with Malysh there arrived Pristyuk. Well, all it is aware, wildly are afraid, but didn't subscribe. Solyanik simply disappeared not to execute this order» , - Ivanov writes, referring to stories of Lugansk doctors.

Also the journalist notes that the Ukrainian militia and prosecutor's office actually rescued «Lugansk Mengele».

«Here you rescued such person beautiful in every respect, misters Avakov, Gerashchenko and Yarem. And it is difficult to me even to assume, how many arguments patrons of the Kid that you cynically threw for a lattice of the Ukrainian volunteers who made for you all work brought to you and brought to Lugansk Mengele's capital» , - Ivanov summarizes.

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