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In edition of "The new newspaper" there were wiretaps of telephone conversations of members of a gang of Shilin which why - that yet didn't interest the Russian intelligence services

In the previous numbers we told about the impudent gang of kidnappers bossing in Moscow. Criminals took hostage businessmen, officials or their children and were demanded by multimillion repayments. In captivity still there are two hostages - the director of the defensive enterprise Strukov and the businessman Pizik. About the leader of a gang plainly it isn't known. For the last five years it used documents addressed to Shilin, Zhilin, Shimin and Marchenko. One say that before Shilin - Marchenko served not that in KGB, not that in airborne forces. Others claim that this moron - the agent of FSB who has adjusted own criminal business working under cover. Now Shilin - Marchenko is in Uruguay and plans new kidnappings not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine. And we have to that proofs.

Flash card and the stranger in the civilian

The first material about a shilinsky gang as in edition the unknown man called didn't manage to be published and made an appointment. Who is he and from where, didn't begin to ask. It was by the form clear: obviously not tractor operator and not grain-grower.

The stranger reported that a real name of the leader of a gang Shilin Denis Vladimirovich. I was born in 1969 in Moscow. I lived on Leninsky Avenue. Having ended a military college, I served in reconnaissance battalion airborne forces in the Far East. For the actions discrediting a rank of the officer, Shilin from army dismissed. Having come back to the capital, he was engaged in sale of meat and a customs clearance of foreign cars. In 1995 for any frauds with cars of the former paratrooper put on the federal wanted list. Approximately at this time, having hammered together a gang from the former security officers and criminals, Shilin started bombing the Moscow businessmen, and then was engaged in kidnappings. At parting the man stretched a flash card:

- There are proofs of criminal activity of a gang of Shilin. They need to be given to publicity, and that innocent people will suffer.

Thus the stranger warned that at the shilinskikh the people are available everywhere, including in law enforcement agencies and intelligence services.


On a flash card there were files with wiretaps of telephone conversations of Shilin with the accomplices in Russia and in Ukraine. Being in Uruguay, Shilin gave detailed instructions as it is better to take hostage the daughter ex-the Interior Minister of Ukraine Yury Kravchenko - Irina Kravchenko, and also three very rich Ukrainians. Hostages it was planned to capture by means of light - noise grenades. And, according to the developed plan if protection of these people "kicks, she will need to be cleaned".

It is known that right after "orange revolution" Interior Ministers Yury Kravchenko committed suicide. According to the informal version, him killed as experts found two gunshot wounds in the head. Without having believed the official version of death of the father, Irina Kravchenko filed a lawsuit against the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine. But in a year criminal case was closed. Now madam Kravchenko successfully is engaged in business and owns several major business concerns.

What department listened to shilinsky conversations, it isn't known. Слухачи could be both from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and from FSB of Russia. It isn't excluded that these wiretaps from the file of the former employee of the Organized Crime Control Department Andrey Alyoshin which it collected on Shilin's gang. Now Alyoshin is arrested, and his file are searched strenuously by the staff of FSB and ORB of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And arrested Alyoshin when he came to Committee of inquiry with the statement that behind it the hidden supervision (the detailed story about the major Alyoshin - is conducted see. "New" No. 37).

Here we give only some fragments concerning Irina Kravchenko. Completely it is possible to study the maintenance of wiretaps below.

Shilin:Write down: city of Irpen …

The subscriber in Moscow:It in Ukraine?

Shilin:Yes. It is small the small town, around the wood. There is an Admiral restaurant. The owner of this restaurant is interesting. She is the daughter of the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Which, type, was shot. Two times to myself I shot at the head. Well there it is unclear: whether it was shot, whether it shot.

The subscriber in Moscow:Aha, clearly.

Shilin:Her name is Irina Kravchenko. When the father at it was Interior Minister, it worked as the first deputy of the head tax службы*. And I passed all return of the VAT through it. It it drove. More shortly, bucks I washed much. How many? I don't know. And as placed, too I can't tell …

The subscriber in Moscow:Yes …

Shilin:My person says that moves with one driver. He says that as a target it easy. The only problem, where money and how it operates them? You know that women - silly women. It could dig them or to put in a cell.

The subscriber in Moscow:And age at it what?

Shilin:Sorokoshnik. Here if light - to find noise grenades and влупить in salon, it is possible to get all lukewarm …

The subscriber in Moscow:Yes …

Shilin:For it hundred thousand euros - not money. It has now any firms. I think that it the joint venture … la from 10 to 40 million. Concerning it there can be the following situation: if it is easy to take it, through two - three days the situation will clear up. It the person scandalous, and it will believe nobody that something happened to it. It needs to be taken and told: "You that you ….ся? You stole also to you all a little? You that shake a situation? " And then to look at its reaction that it will speak.

The subscriber in Moscow:Clearly …

Shilin:Only problem, where its money? You know these officials - neither firms aren't present, nor banks. They will steal money, and then where - нибудь will put.

The subscriber in Moscow:I got it. I will leave to Kiev.

Heavy action

We don't know when these conversations were had. It is possible to offer only that at the end of 2008-го or at the beginning of this year. Considering special danger of a gang of Shilin, we contacted Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow. To us attentively listened and promised immediately to send "the competent person". Passed seven hours, but anybody didn't appear. Then we called the chief of bodyguard of Irina Kravchenko and reported that his chief is threatened by danger. Besides, we suggested that, probably, in its environment there is Shilin's accomplice (it followed from conversations). In the late afternoon the special representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Moscow lieutenant colonel Kobernik contacted us and asked about a meeting. During conversation mister Kobernik thanked for the received data and extremely was surprised that the Russian colleagues didn't inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of Shilin's gang.

The position of the Russian security officers really surprises. For all the time anybody didn't address to us, and after all the maintenance of other wiretaps directly concerns the Russian citizens. It is visible, uninteresting.

* However as tell our Ukrainian sources, in this question bandits confused something - Irina Kravchenko never borrowed so high post in tax service which her father - future Interior Minister directed in due time.


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