As we opened a brothel: the destiny turned to us the back, and life seemed to us a hell!

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Continually we watch on TV as as a result of accurate and harmonious actions the valorous militia covers the next brothel. Thus the announcements calling wealthy men to carry out "unforgettable evening in the company of the blonde without complexes", becomes more and more. Journalists decided to check, the law to those who is occupied with the organization "leisure for adults" is how severe. Also went to Ivanovo …

Brothels close, and they breed, as if mushrooms. But after all someone creates them. Who? And the main thing - as? After all for involvement in occupation by prostitution (instead of for occupation) it is possible to obtain term. Or the law can be bypassed? We decided to check it on own experience. And as, according to militia, the bulk of prostitutes arrives to the capital from the province, ourselves decided to go to the remote place.

Leisure or work?

The city of Ivanovo is in appearance strict, severe, but is pure. On faces of passersby there are no traces of the unbridled defect. We according to the announcement rented accurate two-room apartment near Lenin Square for 2 thousand per day.

Having settled in new life, we start studying scrupulously according to newspapers the Ivanovo market of intimate services. In the majority of the cities of the country such announcements are given in the press in the heading "Leisure", and in Ivanov this virtue is widely presented in the section "I Look for Work". Means, here all - prostitution is considered not leisure, and work! The secret is simple. To us explained that in Ivanov advertizing of intimate leisure is strictly forbidden. And if the girl looks for work is please. And in power at heart it is quiet: in the city there is no defect. And girls are provided employment.

"The lady of 18 years, accurate, with fine external data, harmonous, without complexes, looks for highly paid work in services industry at any time convenient for you".

And right there nearby: "The chief engineer looks for highly paid work", "The driver without addictions on the new Izh car - "pie" looks for work", "The navvy looks for work.Trenches, refuse and drain holes", "The woman of 35 years, the realtor, accurate, looks for work, will consider any offers". Try guess who from them means intim and who - the real work? To the agent, the navvy and "pie" we didn't begin to call, and here to ladies with fine external data tinkled.

- We want to offer highly paid work, - I told Bags a soft, velvet baritone.

- The brunette, on 1600 rubles at o'clock, growth meter eighty, a breast of the second size, - answered me with the learned tone of the manager of a trade booth on that end and as it seemed to us, yawned.

- Beautiful though? - we asked with hope.

- Usual, but accurate. Well if you expect beauties from a magazine cover, then it not to us.

I see. We advertized in the Ivanovo newspapers that the Moscow firm "Etual" (the word it was pleasant, such erotic) invites slender girls to VIP-work in the leisure sphere in Moscow, and began to wait for calls.

Mandates for deputies

It should be noted at once that, advertizing, we strongly risked. As for occupation by prostitution in Russia only administrative responsibility, and here for involvement - criminal. And we - that just also involved! Therefore we with alarm looked for hours waiting for appearance of militiamen. They after all could send the girl, Sharapov in a short skirt, with a dictophone, and then we would go straight on plank beds.

On Saturday since morning to a dinner phone didn't stop.

- And what it for VIP-work? - with affected naivety asked pretenders to a place in Etual firm.

- Whether enough you are slender? We have very high requirements, - in turn, we asked.

- Very harmonous! - giggled on that end.

We explained that it is necessary to serve generally the highest echelon of security officers, leaders of political parties, social movements, general prosecutors and a depuy corps. Some girls, having learned that VIP-work is connected with rendering sexual services, were indignant. Others on the contrary: vividly were interested in details, a place of future accommodation, a social package, the forthcoming income. We made the list wishing to come to a casting and fixed time from calculation that I fell on each girl at least hour

By the evening our apartment turned into cheerful such political staff with a raid of an easy sensuality. Girls were different in color, the size and temperament.One gloomy and suspiciously looked askance, low the head having inclined, and answered questions only "yes" and "no". Others, хряпнув a martini glass, were let in revelations, didn't hurry to leave our charming seraglio, breaking us the work schedule. However, to be photographed on a portfolio the majority why - that refused, referring to confidential nature of the work.


Article 6.11 of the Administrative code of the Russian Federation prescribes punishment for occupation by prostitution - a penalty in the amount of 15 to 20 minimum wage rates. Article 240 of the criminal code of Russian Federation establishes punishment for involvement in occupation by prostitution - a penalty at the rate to 200 thousand rubles or imprisonment for a period of up to 3 years. The same act made with application of violence or with threat of its application, with movement of the victim through Frontier of the Russian Federation or with his illegal deduction abroad, and also a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, is punished by imprisonment for a period of up to 6 years.

The girl from the North

The girl with a simple Russian name Katerina, hitrovaty prishchury the reminding Lenina deprived by destiny - the villain of a foretooth, was the native of cold Yakutsk. The young ispolinka smelling as the perfumery bench crushed by the brawler, growth from Valuyev, a foot 43-го, the breast of the third size, was open and clean. I fed her a snickers, gave to drink Vermouth of martini and began unostentatiously and to question tenderly. Katerina willingly answered any, sometimes even the most intimate questions. It escaped from the favourite North from - for unfortunate love. There went Katerina to Ivanovo in hope to enter the Textile university. I failed examinations, but I got a job on cotton-mill the kitchen worker, to wash the dishes. I earned already two thousands, but every month. All money left on food and a hostel. On stockings didn't suffice. As well as to many provincial factory little girls, there was a wish for full beautiful life, it was necessary to leave for this purpose in developing, perspective sex - the industry that as - that to make ends meet. Now Katerina in other days can spend for herself and native already three thousand rubles. However, she lives now in one room with twenty other girls and leads a sexual life (sleeps on a floor). In narrowness, as they say, but not in offense.

Unity of form and content

Our competitors for sexual work were different in a form, but identical according to the contents. Almost all of them were from the remote place (Ivanovo wasn't in general), from incomplete and dysfunctional families.All already tasted in a different measure of pleasure of sexual hiring. The reason which has pushed them to regular occupations with prostitution, call, as a rule, shortage of money. Girls treat moving to Moscow with vigilance. Painfully frightens white stone of criminal reports.

Svetlana from Ryazhsk, the twenty-year-old, blond, pyshnogrudy beauty, today in other days earns two - three thousand rubles. And earlier it nearly half a year by nonsense was given to only hard work of the seamstress and earned to 10 thousand a month (when pricker "kamuflyazhka"). The cost of its services - 1600 rubles at an o'clock (at other 1000 - 1200 rubles). From them it gives a half to the owner of cartel. (Average load of the girl of good forms - 4 - 5 clients a day. ) Other month leaves to thirty thousand rubles as clients happen changeably. But there was a wish bigger.

Where money, goes to what cities

- Not much it is five clients in day? - we ask Svetlana.

- If they not drunk, it is normal. And if not "black". And when on one, instead of all in a crowd.

- And what, and such happens? - I was terrified.

- At me wasn't, - I renounced was late Svetlana, - and the girlfriend had at once fifteen people. And her at all didn't warn. Swine.

Sat, smoked dejectedly.

- What you, Svetlana, buy on thirty thousand a month?

- I buy sweets, clothes expensive. Chanel perfume. Yesterday I bought a jacket. Thousand five hundred... - She tenderly touched herself on a blue transparent jacket with touching ryushechka around a breast. - To the younger little sister I buy toys. Plush on Friday I sent a bear to it. Three kilograms the parcel turned out. She is eleven years old already. Mobile here I am going to buy phone.

- And you have hobby? What books you read? What movies you watch?

- We usually watch "Clone" with the girlfriend. And the book at me sleep... whether. About love. There the man fooled around all the time. And she cried.

- So - so - so. Something familiar. And author who? George Sand?

- And x... it knows, - she sighed with bitterness. - And the hobby at me - on shops to go.

- Instead of it is terrible to be engaged here in it... business?

- Yes it is better, than the whole day behind the machine, as the silly woman... Now in general - that all this are engaged.

- And how many to you it is necessary money for happiness?

- Hundred thousand dollars, - she told without reflecting, as Shura Balaganov in the known novel.

- What for?

- I will buy the apartment and I will give birth to the child.

- Without husband?

- On x. it is necessary? I already lived a civil marriage with one x... Continuous dismantlings. Nerves won't suffice. Every day thump I came...

- Well, we will go now we will look at you, so to speak, in full beauty, - I spoke Bags tone of the tired gynecologist.

- To me to be washed? - she asks, having quickened.


Mikhail VINOGRADOV, doctor of medical sciences:
- The international statistics and statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs show that 80 percent of girls go in the prostitute at all for economic reasons, and for the sake of sexual pleasure, romanticism of frequent change of partners, risk and adrenaline. There is such phenomenon in psychiatry - a messalinizm (by name the known Roman empress Valeria Messalina who has become famous in centuries for the libertinism). This morbid impulse to frequent change of partners.

Today this phenomenon extends as epidemic.

We weakened rather excluded, moral education from our use. And the people who haven't been burdened with moral criteria, had an opportunity to choose. And tendency inherent in the person to polygamy escaped outside in the form of prostitution. It should be noted that so large-scale growth of prostitution is characteristic only for Russia. Abroad, where prostitution is allowed, there is a stable, steady number of prostitutes. From the point of view of medicine and a crime the state control of this phenomenon is certainly necessary. And here moralising here will be inappropriate, as this option of each person according to his natural tendencies.

"Kina" won't be!

Affairs first went well. We собеседовали girls, allegedly brought their data in the laptop. Bags I performed superficial inspection of bodies and as the gallant military commissar, with satisfaction appended instructions in the questionnaire: "Is suitable".

However, one fine day our mobile phone unexpectedly broke off. We remained without communication with the outside world. Pretenders ceased to peck.Damning all communications operators, we immediately ran on a central square and began to stick manually announcements of employment, but already with phone number of our rental apartment. Sometimes we approached to beauties directly on the street and offered the contract for VIP-work in Moscow. In reply heard many different words about.

Depressed, we came back home in hope for a miracle. And it came true. In an hour on a home telephone number some more pretenders called. We continued reception.

Lyudmila, the bright, sexual blonde in provocatively short skirt, with a short hairdress and short feet, short fingers in gold, made impression of the editorial of sexual production. She was sure of herself and even a little хамовата. (Luda was the only intellectual from respondents. She read "Da Vinci Code". ) Questions were asked generally by it.

- How at you in Moscow with cops? I on a TV set saw that round-ups every day. It won't turn out so: I will throw everything, I will arrive and I will please under distribution!

- And you have here no distribution? - with question the question was answered by us.

- At us never! - it is proud the loose woman as if in it there was her personal merit answered. - Among our regular customers there are a lot of cops.

- Free community work days, whether that? - we specify.

- Why community work days? - Lyudmila took offense. - They as pay, as well as the others. And what it at you there - a video camera? - suddenly it started. - You that, write down everything?

- Where? - with full misunderstanding we ask, was late trying to close myself the camera disguised under a plastic package. - Yes isn't present... It just like that there lies...

- You that, for the silly woman hold me? I see! - surely she told and already with threat added: - And well - erase everything that you there wrote down!

- Yes there is there nothing! - we rested.

- So, - she told, пружинисто rising from a chair. - You don't want times on - good to erase, we will understand on - bad. Now you will erase... - And it is prompt for the short feet as Jackie Chan scalded by melted tin, I jumped out of the apartment.

Knock in night

We in a panic ran on the apartment, as if the revolutionary underground workers caught by imperial police dogs. To fall the victim of the imprudence, there was no wish to burn down at work at our tender age to us. Offensively to avaricious tears: we so diligently masked the camera! James Bond would be proud of us.We began to hide feverishly a flash - the card with scandalous shooting. After long searches of Bags pasted it an adhesive tape to the lower part of a groin. And here already simple belongings are collected, and we are torn to the metal door separating us from freedom. And at this particular time exacting police knock is distributed.

When phone becomes the enemy

We as if two salt columns, stiffened at a door.

- And well open, quickly, while I a door didn't blow up a trestle! - any ungirdled impudent person shouted under a door. Judging by noise behind a door, them there was at least three. They ringed something, swore obscenely, trying to open doors. We secretly hoped that, having caught noise, neighbors will cause militia and brawlers will punish. Or they will understand as far as they unworthy behave, will be tired to knock and swear and will leave.

We stood, having stood as soldiers of a guard of honor, minutes ten, expecting when at last these imps will understand that the house isn't present anybody. It was audible as men about something confer. It seems that they were going to leave. Justice triumphed. We were rescued! But suddenly in "lucky" Meshkov's pocket a treacherous peal of a thunder the mobile phone which was meanly silent before the whole days roared. From unexpectedness of Bags shuddered as the mare bitten by a gadfly, and ridiculously I jumped aside back, with a roar having overturned a graceful stool standing behind his back.


In Russia prostitution was legalized once in 1843. According to data of 1889, in the country 1216 brothels with 7840 prostitutes were registered. On class structure the majority - peasants and bourgeoises.

In England the law doesn't allow to be engaged publicly in prostitution, but allows to render for a payment sexual services at home. In France prostitution by the law is allowed, but brothels are forbidden.

In the Scandinavian countries the emphasis is placed on hygienic aspect - for prostitutes regular medical examinations and compulsory hospitalization are obligatory at venereal diseases.

In the USA prostitution is forbidden in all states, except Nevada where it practices openly, but the number of brothels working on the license is limited and there is a control of health of prostitutes.

In Sweden criminal liability for purchase of sexual services, but it very difficult to prove is established.

Run, a rabbit, run!

From - for doors sophisticated threats to uproot to us sramny places and to make us women reached. Grew dark. It is unlikely, we thought, these sodomites will leave, yet won't embody ridiculous and inappropriate, at our progressive look, threats. From - for blinds we observed a sad picture: black "Audi" was in the yard with the extinguished headlights, and near it any unsatisfied man nervously smoked. It seemed to us that in a corridor someone was on duty, the cigarette smoke got into the room. The dream didn't go. Only in the dead of night, having seen that the car disappeared, we silently opened a window in kitchen and fluttered out in night space, as two scared night birds. The rest of night spent on bus station. And in the morning the bus took away us to the capital.

Sex without the reason - a sign of the fool?

In the bus of Bags with shout I tore off together with hair the flash card pasted by an adhesive tape from the thigh, and we, rubbing hands in an anticipation of good cinema, began to look through it.

All this would be ridiculous if it wasn't sad. Sad girls, though try not to give a sign. Sad and empty life at them though it seems to someone cheerful, intellectual, full of flowers, orgasms and tenderness.

We practically carried out the task and created a brothel (if not an annoying mistake with "soap tray"). Be on our place the real businessmen, they would need to rent apartment in Moscow, to pay militia "roof" and quietly to start one more brothel. But we hoped that us will stop at the first stage when we submitted the announcement. All girls understood about what it, and only the militia didn't react. We were practically set up. And if us arrested, we had to try very much to get out. And the militia could put one more tick. And it isn't important, in what city it was: in Pskov, Bryansk, Uglich... It was in Russia.

We didn't create a brothel, and thank God. But we which - that understood. Among our respondents there were no girls with the higher or secondary technical education. Generally factory workers, sewing machine operators, cleaners, cook, nurse, painter, nurse of a children's day nursery. One of the reasons of change of a profession, judging by our poll, universal boredom and monotony of life.

And here still that Petya Listerman with the stories about the oligarchs who are eager of young bodies, movies "Beauty", "Interdevochka", "Luster"...To the girls dragging miserable existence in a village, in rubber boots, in the altered mother's dresses, with morning milking, with drunk, dribbling lobzaniye on stinking rural dances, too there is a wish for pure love in Courchevel with Galliano, Valentino, Swarovski, Petya Listerman and even with the Ear ring Zverev. And while we with serious faces imitate fight against prostitution, it every day increases turns, gathers speed, as if the locomotive. Tireless truzhenitsa чресл and lyadvy from the Russian remote place заполоняют the country, attracting to itself financial streams. Family foundations collapse. Labor traditions fall, the moral degrades. We start getting used to this phenomenon or already got used? Whether we will be able to stop this locomotive or it will carry away us in an abyss?


In Great Britain since 2003 for pedophilia it is provided of 20 years to a life imprisonment.

In the State of Florida the law prescribes punishment of 25 years of prison before lifelong imprisonment for the people which victims children became younger than 12 years. The pedophiles who have gone out of prison, are obliged to carry the electronic sensor which will allow to establish their location by means of the satellite until the end of life.

In Hugo's countries - East Asia, before recent time being considered the center of world pedophilia, toughened punishments for this crime up to the death penalty.


Vladimir OVCHINSKY, the doctor of jurisprudence, the general - the major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:
- I categorically against criminal penalty for prostitution. Do they have the right to punish the woman if the state didn't leave her chance to earn in a different way, didn't provide with normal work, child allowance, etc.

And it is necessary to fight first of all:

a) with organized crime which "protects" prostitution and earns on it millions;

b) with corruption in militia which is for a long time main "roof";

c) with child prostitution - the most terrible type of prostitution. Think only, we lived up to time when our country already became paradise for world pedophilia. And all because of our soft legislation. Russia - the only country in which for pedophilia punishment from 3 to 6 years of imprisonment is prescribed. Liberals - legislators consider any toughening of the legislation, even concerning pedophiles, human rights violation.The main reason of blossoming of prostitution - economic. In this business huge money turns, and with them it is possible to accept or cancel any laws.


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