Organized criminal group "Slavs": from cops in souteneurs

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In criminal history of the Crimean peninsula sometimes there were also funny things. Such once I happened to a small organized criminal group "Slavs". While two powerful Crimean organized criminal groups - "Boots" and "Salem" - were at war with each other, proving who "more coolly", "Slavs" behaved peacefully - "kept" prostitutes, did nothing at restaurants and... robed Chinese. It is visible, with finance was hardly.

Mobsters in shoulder straps

The organized criminal group "Slavs" in criminal 90-е didn't enjoy special authority. This small criminal formation consisted of the former employees of militia dismissed as then spoke, "on a compromising evidence" - for bribes, excess of office powers and so forth. The leader of this organized criminal group I was ex-the investigator Oleg To - пов. Independent and independent "Slavs" weren't - they went under "boots" and were a link between bandits and law enforcement agencies. The people after all are necessary everywhere... Though at all this special respect at "boots" "Slavs" didn't use. The main Boot called them the rotten people, and was for what: the ex-cops were selling and unscrpulous. And "Salem" at all didn't perceive them seriously: pimping, sale of counterfeit vodka, small racket, misinformation distribution - here, actually, and everything, on what the organized criminal group "Slavs" was capable.

However, there was nevertheless one historical case in the biography of werewolves in shoulder straps. In 2002 to some members of Slavyane group incriminated murder 4-x the person from Pirs firm. One of criminals, the former employee of militia by the name of Rarog, moved in races and still is registered in search. Though, according to some information, he runs mainly in vicinities of Simferopol and at present is engaged in that supervises prostitutes on the bypass route. Generally, I moved in souteneurs.

Souteneurs in combination

Experience in sutenersky business to "Slavs" was not to occupy. To earn money "on female genitals" that in a root contradicts "concepts", they didn't disdain and in 90-е.Those years Ruvim Aronov's arrested now distant relative Alexander Che - river was the most notable souteneur of the Crimea. It hired in the prostitute of students of one of capital higher education institutions and carried them abroad under the guise of football fans of FC "Tavriya". Was at it also the institution in the Central market - bar under the name "KYuN" ("club young Natali"), it is the kept dark brothel.

I "protected" this institution those years an organized criminal group "Slavs". Alexander Che - р not simply shared profit with ex-cops, but also periodically arranged for them free "sex - community work days". Besides, Sh - р in common with "Slavs" I created so-called institute of secretaries. In many state institutions of the Crimea of the prostitute worked as secretaries. Besides that served officials eager to love and kingpins of the peninsula, so also assumed double loading - sniffed up and merged to "Slavs" the important information received from statesmen in a rush of confidential passion.

In the middle of 90-x "KYuN" blew up. Said that it was work of "seylemovets" - say, prostitutes Sh - ра infected mobsters with any venereal illness... According to other version, Alexander Che - р together with "Slavs" went beyond all limits legal and decided to blackmail one influential the person. As a result that showed, is how influential. Ш - р then I didn't go out of business nearly, and here "Slavs" practically didn't suffer. They quickly oriented and opened "a love point" in the old city - small shop - bar. This place in gangster times nicknamed "Toilet bowl": here it was possible to remove "Slavic young ladies" at the symbolical price.

Red jacket

In free from a pimping time "Slavs" did nothing at restaurants. The capital pleasure institution of that time under the name "Moscow" was one of darlings. On April 14, 1996 souteneurs on a habit glanced here on a spark. Hour raised money from prostitutes therefore didn't stint earlier and ordered a smart table. All were already tipsy soon, at restaurant there was a loud laughter and a mat. The delegation of the Chinese who have arrived to Simferopol on the governmental program who had supper behind the next little table slantwise glanced at all this beastliness. Foreigners stared at drunk mobsters, continually something asking the translator. One of "Slavs" noticed such interest and, in turn, too became interested. The matter is that one of Chinese had a red jacket which hung on a chair back.Color of a jacket very much was pleasant drunk ex-to the cop - as it is known, those years such things carried only the cool. Especially as dollars looked out of a pocket of a jacket.

The plan at "Slavs" ripened instantly. They quickly discussed it and started "fulfilling a subject". One of them removed a gold ring from a hand and imperceptibly threw under a table of Chinese. Then I rose, I approached to their little table and, having apologized, I addressed to the translator: "There our thing under your table was gone... Work to lift". The translator quickly translated, and kind Chinese rushed to look for a ring. While they crept under a table, from a back of a chair the red jacket disappeared. Drunk "слявяням" then it seemed that they fulfilled a subject purely, however vodka played with them an evil joke. Chinese right there made noise - in a pocket of a jacket 1,5 thousand dollars (the sum for those times big) and diplomatic passport lay.

On cries of Chinese the restaurant manager came running and, having oriented, called security guards. "Slavs" happy with a catch detained directly at the exit. They first were indignant, pretending that don't understand in what business, however security guards called a police squad. After a while to restaurant there arrived militiamen. When they saw violators, blurred in smiles and rushed to shake them hands - the brother-in-law of the brother-in-law sees from far away! In vain Chinese, for nothing the translator were indignant tried to explain that occurred, and to state the indignation about it. The friends together with militiamen returned to the little table and continued fun. The Chinese offended up to the depth of soul, left with anything. And here one of "Slavs" remained with a red jacket, 1,5 thousand dollars and diplomatic passport.

On the seventh floor...

Since then I passed ten years. Bailed "Slavs" forgot about "cheerful" incident, peacefully worked as businessmen. However, the kind of activity was the same - a pimping, only already higher level. Still until recently former "Slavs" supervised one Simferopol hotel (occupied 7-й a floor) where under their supervision elite and dear prostitutes - 100 and more dollars in hour traded. Everything looked not simply decently, but even as - that is patriotic - girls worked allegedly on the instructions of intelligence services: contacted with the necessary people, collected information, transferred it to "staff"... Actually it was only cover for ordinary prostitution.Besides it was known of all this in law-enforcement circles, but "Slavic young ladies" didn't touch - according to the informal arrangement of times in a week of the prostitute gave charitable party only for officers of militia.

But not for long music played. Not so long ago "Slavs" simply moved. Also "seylemovets" made it, on "boots" after all now there is a law-enforcement hunting, here and "seniors" for the subordinates couldn't intercede. And "seylemovets" judged so: will suffice spongers to be fed in a fat place - and put the curator of prostitutes of the person. This new person appeared... Chinese. We won't call a name and a surname of this criminal personality, but it is well-known in gangster circles. Here such twist of fate...


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