The seminarist brutally killed the woman and her son - the teenager

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On the eve of the Holy Week the believing young man decided on murder. On bodies of its victims doctors found 90 колото - cut wounds.

On the eve of the Holy Week of Yasinovatuyu and militiamen of Donetsk region shook an unprecedented crime on the cruelty. According to militia reports it passes as resonant, and to this class it was led by two atypical factors: inexplicable cruelty of the murderer in a cassock and violent death of the teenager, writes the newspaper "Donbass".

It 26 - the summer guy locals well know as the pupil of the Odessa theological seminary. It went on the hometown with a standard box, collecting donations allegedly on temple construction. Also there was at it a companion - the age-mate, the general worker of engineering plant, too the believer and not alien church values. However overwhelmed by mercenary passions and the disdained main Christian precepts, friends decided to improve personal material well-being in the most low and bloody way.

Accomplices chose object of a profit, being guided by own, quite primitive ideas of prosperity. I lived in one of nine-storey buildings of the residential district Dawn 39 - the summer inspector of a welfare service with 15 - the summer son. The woman was divorced, but the ex-husband - the businessman who is engaged in metal, from a family, to his honor, didn't turn away. The car, good clothes, continuous financial support to the son - these external attributes of wellbeing with the friend sufficed the seminarist to make the irreparable.

In the evening they got into the apartment which soon left with a "rich" catch: hundred dollars, as much euro, 700 hryvnias, gold jewelry and indelible blood on hands. And in the morning, disturbed by stopped phone, the father and the grandfather of victims here visited. They I found the relatives to it people the lifeless. On a body of the grandson who accepted death sleeping in the bed, criminalists counted more than 50 knife wounds. Mother, having received about 40 колото - cut wounds, I died in kitchen. The Satan in a cassock well is known by Holy Fathers of the city. The God-fearing guy was christened, trained itself for service for the Lord, but wordly defects, alas, exceeded all good intentions.

Material evidences in blood are withdrawn, and both criminals are arrested.


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