"Antifa" declares that murder of "nazi" in Odessa was self-defense

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Murder of the activist of the public association "Sich" Maxim Chaika in Odessa was self-defense, declare in the movement "Anti-fascist Action".

As reported the UNIAN in a press - a traffic department "Anti-fascist action", on April 17 in Odessa fifteen Nazi - skinheads with use of make-shifts (bottles and stones) attacked five participants of anti-fascist movement.

"Protecting the lives, "антифа" were compelled to apply a penknife and an air gun (means of self-defense isn't forbidden by the legislation). One of forwards - Nazi - the skinhead Maxim Chaika - got wounds. To appropriate medical care it wasn't provided, and the guy died in hospital", - activists of the movement "Antifa" declare.

According to them, the number of anti-fascists is confirmed by the staff of the Seaside District Department of Internal Affairs of Odessa who detained subsequently young people.

"Nazis try to expose Maxim Chaika the innocent victim though he and his companions provoked a fight. It is known that personally Maxim and other Odessa nazis threatened "антифа" - to activists earlier, collected information on future victims - up to addresses, and carried out attacks", - is spoken in the movement "Anti-fascist Action" statement.

Anti-fascists add that their reaction to aggression "had the lawful bases": h. 3 Art. 27 of the Constitution of Ukraine provide the right for protection of own life and health, life and health of other people from illegal encroachments; according to Art. 36 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, above-mentioned actions, according to anti-fascists, can be qualified as necessary defense. According to them, "антифа" knew that nazis have numerical advantage, are armed with bottles, stones therefore not to avoid a fight".

"Mass media reproduce the nazi myth that the lost Maxim Chaika was an activist of "the patriotic organization". It is known that a part of the so-called public association "Sich" are Nazi - skinheads and far right fans of FC "Chernomorets" who carry out racist attacks on foreigners. The criminal chronicle across all Ukraine replenishes with the facts of murders because of racism.People who show disagreement with anti-human ideology of Nazism, risk even more to become victims of street terror", - is spoken in the statement of anti-fascists.

They also declare that have no relation to "the pro-Russian fighters" and don't belong to any of political parties.

"Far-right parties try to sew to themselves the political capital, hypocritically remembering repressions against "the Ukrainian patriots". It should be noted that the pragmatic aims are pursued also by politicians of an opposite range - the pro-Russian party "Rodina" and the politician Igor Markov. They treat incident as collision of the pro-Russian and Ukrainian right radicals. But Ukrainian "антифа" aren't connected with any political force. Moreover, the party which propagandizes national advantage, can cause in anti-fascists only disgust", - is told in the statement.

According to representatives of anti-fascist movement, one more myth which needs a denial, charge of anti-fascists of "extremism" is. They remind of "an extremist essence of ideology of neo-nazism" and "to terrifying statistics of murders because of racial hatred". "Frightens that discordant people with nazis can't count on protection from the power and society", - declares the movement "Anti-fascist Action".

Activists of anti-fascist movement also express condolences to relatives and Chaika's relatives and demand from law enforcement agencies of Odessa "comprehensive investigation of incident and confirmation of the fact of necessary defense from anti-fascists".


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