Tymoshenko wants that the new president undertook Yanukovych

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The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko accuses the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych of plunder of aircraft manufacturing branch of Ukraine.

Tymoshenko declared it at the beginning of cabinet council of ministers on Wednesday.

"During Yanukovych's stay at the power there was a large-scale plunder of all branches of Ukraine", - told Tymoshenko.

So, according to her, from 2002 to 2007 the Kharkov aircraft factory Pavel Naumenko directed.

"It carried out the activity directed on washing away on special accounts of money which were allocated for this enterprise. This money was removed under Yanukovych's patronage", - the prime minister declared.

"1,7 billion bank and budgetary resources were withdrawn from circulation of the Kharkov aircraft factory. All these years the plant was destroyed - consciously, rigidly and cynically", - added Tymoshenko.

As, according to the prime minister, in 2003-2007 "the nonprofessional person put by Yanukovych" worked at Aviant plant.

"From plant it was removed about 1 billion hryvnias. Here it is the diagnosis of falling of aviation branch of Ukraine", - I emphasized with Tymoshenko.

The prime minister declared that materials of plunder of the specified enterprises are known to the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

"But this department is under the influence of mister Yanukovych. These cases weren't investigated and nobody answered for mega - a robbery", - marked out Tymoshenko.

"Very much I hope that after presidential election the new president appoints the real security officers who won't protect corrupt officials, and these people will answer before the law", - the prime minister added.

Tymoshenko declared that the government "brings an avia - branch out of crisis after powerful plunder by Party of Regions who call itself anti-recessionary managers".

Besides, the prime minister reported that the debt of aircraft factories will be repaid by "the special securities emitted by the state".

According to Tymoshenko, a task of the government is to provide completion of 5 planes on "Avianta" and 9 - on the Kharkov aircraft factory.


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