Anatoly Naumenko: Life under a sight

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Contrary to waves of sharp criticism and "sneer company" from the different oligarchical clans, the new militia general was unusually open for journalists.

"Questions aren't present more? What we so talked a little? " - I was surprisedAnatoly Naumenkoin the end a press - conferences.

- Prime problems which the militia has to solve today, - the new chief of regional militia speaks, is a street crime, the hooligans, the become frequent robberies, and as narcodistributors and economic crime. And each new head has to make more than the previous.

The citizen has to know that if he addressed in militia, the militia has to either resolve an issue, or direct it to in what competence this problem is. But from the person the militia shouldn't wave away. Now each chief of militia will accept not only in an office, but also to leave to the remote areas and villages that people saw: the militia in the country is.

- You actively accuse of personnel cleanings which you carry out to area militias …

- I appointed to positions of only three officers not from Dnepropetrovsk.For comparison, in Nikolaev where Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the colonel Uvarov headed, together with it fifteen heads came from Dnepropetrovsk.Happens that I show to the head of a claim, and he only writes down them. Then there will be a trouble, and it will come true and will tell that the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs unfairly rolled on it.

- It you about the chief the Organized Crime Control Department Herman Masyaykin?

- To work the Organized Crime Control Department at us serious claims. 63 organized bands act on the territory of area, including - 17 actively operating. And on the account in militia there are only two, and what will be hardly realized because already departed from criminal affairs. The revealed criminal groups - small, drug dealers - only small. There was an organized criminal group detention in Krivoi Rog but why - that the Organized Crime Control Department didn't participate in it. Metal is stolen on - black, in the markets frank racket prospers. Such it wasn't already given. And be such shouldn't.

I normally treat Herman Ivanovich, it was offered to it to hold other position.It refused flatly and has now legal proceedings with the management. This its right.

- After your appointment to the post on the Internet at once there was a mass of the publications having character of a sneer company.

- I even don't pay attention to it - the dog barks, and the caravan goes. For example, wrote that I in Kherson suited a brothel in a female zone. Though in Kherson in general the female zone isn't present. I too know who has what business, but I about it honestly am silent. Time will come - I openly will show everything and I will tell. I didn't ask for Dnepropetrovsk, and I here don't have anything. I arrived and I live in a hostel for which I pay.

Other opinion

Employees the work of the ineffective don't consider the Organized Crime Control Department.

- Any work can be shown from the different parties, having placed the necessary accents. The Dnepropetrovsk Organized Crime Control Department, only in all Ukraine, since the beginning of year solved two crimes according to UK Art. 257 - gangsterism. Anybody has no such indicator more, - the officer tells to "Citizen" the Organized Crime Control Department, wished to remain the unknown.

We want to wish that local militia shots and the new management worked well together and worked peacefully. That clarification of the interdepartmental relations didn't distract militia from its main objectives. Especially as the general Naumenko noticed: for restoration of peace silence and a stable law and order in area it is necessary to make much.

Grigory Globa, newspaper CITIZEN


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