Yushchenko demands from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU carefully to investigate murder of the student in Odessa

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The president Victor Yushchenko demands from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security service of Ukraine carefully to investigate resonant murder of the student Maxim Chaika in Odessa, committed by members of the extremist organization "Antifa".

With such requirement the president addressed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU, reported its press - the secretary Irina Vannikova during a briefing on Wednesday, reports press - service of the head of state.

In particular, Yushchenko demands from law-enforcement structures to check the political assassination version carefully.

The president also demanded from security officers of the report concerning investigation of similar incidents in Odessa for 2008.

"Besides, the SBU has to check information on coordination of activity of "Antif" from the foreign organizations of the anti-Ukrainian direction", - reported a press - the secretary.

According to her, Yushchenko expressed deep condolences to a family and Maxim Chaika's relatives and promised to make everything that guilty of this crime were punished.

It is known that on April 18 the Odessa regional association "Prosvita" reported that in Odessa "the pro-Russian fighters "made attack on two activists patriotic public organization "Sich" as a result of which from knife wounds I was lost 20 - the summer student Chaika, and the second activist of "Sichi" with knife wound was hospitalized.

Later the movement "Anti-fascist Action" declared that Chaika's murder was self-defense as he with companions provoked a fight. Also they disprove that "Sich" is the patriotic organization, calling her members "nazis". "Antif" also assure that their movement has no relation to "the pro-Russian fighters" and doesn't belong to any of political parties.


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