The gang of profaners of temples is opened: communications go to the highest echelons of power of Ukraine

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In the Arkhangelsk region the criminal group trading in theft of icons from orthodox temples and private households is detained.

The fake of icons "under the XVI-XVII century" was the second branch of criminal business.

The leader of group, whose name isn't disclosed in the interests of the investigation, gave evidences in which explained that them the increased demand from Ukraine compelled to arrange production of counterfeit icons. The real old icons there was a little, and the Ukrainian demand for an iconography of dews from month to month. "It was necessary to turn", - the detainee explained.

Business is on control in Severo's prosecutor's office - the Western federal district of the Russian Federation. The source in prosecutor's office reported that indications of detainees bring to a trace of known Ukrainian politicians and businessmen. As their Ukrainian "customer" the known Kiev businessman, the politician and the collector Alexander Vladimirovich Prognimak acted.

According to detainees Prognimak got icons both for himself, and for many known politicians of Ukraine. Investigators yet don't call a surname of the last, however don't deny that scandal over an illicit trace in an exhibition of icons of the Ukrainian president in Moscow, is directly connected with the this case.

"Well, they have there many people who it seems collect, but don't know that buy, and swindlers use it", - the investigator told.

Now the Russian prosecutor's office collects materials according to A.Prognimak for transfer to the Ukrainian colleagues for the purpose of the solution of a question on excitement against it criminal case in Ukraine. Also the issue of carrying out interrogation of A.Prognimak by the Russian investigators in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine, as legal mutual aid is resolved.


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