"the Selyansky front" tries to cause pity in the public to the terrorist from the Nikolaev area Sergey Arkhipov and threatens "to lift" peasants against the power in his protection

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Head of public organizationNikolaevSelyansky Front areasArkady Kornadskyin interview to Ukrainian business told the channel (UBC) story of the farmerSergey Arkhipova, which several times I tried to burn myself in public places in Kiev and I demanded resignation of the minister of the Ministry of Internal AffairsYury Lutsenkoand public prosecutorAleksandra Medvedko. For itnikolayevetsdetained, now it is in custody.Arkady Kornadskyassures that any terrorism in actionsArkhipovawasn't, after all the farmer is driven to despair by power actions.

- Arkhipov's business lasts 10 years, - the head "Selyansky front" told. - Now he achieves that to it returned title documentation on its farm which in 2000 was illegally withdrawn from it by law enforcement agencies. On this matterArkhipovI won some vessels. It has claims to the State Office of Public Prosecutor and to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as to bodies in which there are its documents. Actually thanks to actions of different authorities of people I remained without means of support, at it tax debts constantly grow, and it can make nothing as it on hands has no documents on its earth. Thus it has the land plots and can conduct not only agricultural activity, but also industrial, and overworking. Therefore if to it returned documents, this problem which occurred in library ( ArkhipovI seized the library building in Kiev and I threatened to blow up myself -авт. ) and this sewingTo Arkhipovterrorist actions, it wouldn't be simple. Arkhipov isn't so silly to commit crimes.Arkhipov imitates actions which are similar whether to terrorism, whether on a crime is exclusive with one purpose - to draw attention to the problem. The person is finished before that he was left by the wife. It has sons, grandsons who actually have no place to live because his house it is seized, all communications are cut off.

Despite thatArkady Kornadskylast time I communicated withArkhipovhalf a year ago, the head of the organization claims that now "the farmer achieves public process on which he will be able to tell both to the public, and authorities what can't already tell many years".

- Reached even to that, - speaksKornadsky, - that in 2008Arkhipovtogether with the same deprived as he, met the president on an entrance to his house in Bezradichakh. The president left to them the car, listened to them and by phone at them instructed heads of authorities immediately to understand and resolve an issue of these people. Then from - forArkhipovaall ran, began to fuss, but it lasted about two weeks. And then everything again fell into place. As and in 1999 when its trouble began, and today at the power the same team. Those people who destroyedArkhipova, now to it won't help. I think, they never will make anything against themselves.

The public organization and relatives of the detained farmer employed to him the lawyer. But from - for bureaucratic red tape the lawyer didn't begin work.

- If the hindrance for work of the lawyer are farther, - I toldKornadsky, - that our actions can be predicted. That is, a large number of peasants from the Nikolaev area will gather, and it is possible, and not only, after allArkhipov, thanks to the 10 - flight history of drudgeries, has colleagues on misfortune on all Ukraine. I think that these people will gather and will go to guarding bodies.

We assume that in the historyArkhipovanot all so compassionately as it was described by misterKornadsky.Nikolaevthe farmer did a lot of noise, drew to itself attention, but its actions are simply inadequate, and so far as concerns life of peace people who got not at that time and not to that place, about any pity to the terrorist can't go and speeches. Besides, on a nose elections. And such juicy scandal and an image of the defender - the peacekeeper for the Selyansky Front organization very opportunely.The farmer didn't put forward claims to local authorities - he demanded resignationLutsenkoandMedvedko, though it is improbable that these people in general were familiar with it to terror cases. And in lipsArkady Kornadsky Arkhipovlooks the martyr driven to despair. Peasants with whom so threatensKornadsky, are now occupied with agricultural works. And for meeting come, most likely, only if to them for it don't bad pay.


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