BYuT suggests to reduce penalties by 4 times – from - for poverty of drivers

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In the Verkhovna Rada the bill providing decrease in penalties for violation of the rules of traffic on the average four times is registered.

Authors of an initiative - members of BYuT fraction Svyatoslav Oliynyk, Andrey Portnov, Vadim Korotyuk and Yury Tregubov, reports a press - Oliynyk's service.

The bill offers to bring the sizes of penalties into accord with the Criminal code: administrative penalties shouldn't exceed the size of the minimum criminal penalty.

Besides, the legislative ban to employees of the State traffic inspectorate is established to direct the activity on "fixing whenever possible bigger quantity of offenses as it most often occurs today".

Deputies pay attention that the main function of employees of GAI - traffic safety.

They suggest to forbid employees of GAI to patrol sites closer than 200 m from the road signs specifying the beginning of the settlement, restriction of a high-speed mode, etc., to hide the patrol car from a visibility range and to stop vehicles for verification of documents (except cases of reasonable suspicion in implementation by the driver of an offense).

The bill also does impossible automatic fining by means of the Vizier device. In particular, it is offered to leave it only as one of the bases for drawing up protocols.

Deputies prove the initiative that essential increase of sanctions for violation of the rules of traffic became unjustified as new penalties don't correspond to financial position of the majority of drivers, but also it is, more, than the collectings provided by the Criminal code for commission of crimes.

After coming into effect of the offered bill, the penalty for excess of the set restrictions of speed of movement, for example, will make from 68 to 102 UAH (today the penalty makes 255-340 UAH).

For violation of the rules of journey of intersections and driving through red light the driver will pay from 119 to 136 UAH (today - a penalty of 510-680 UAH), and for driving in a condition of alcoholic, drug or other intoxication from 425 to 510 UAH or withdrawal of the rights instead of a penalty which works now in 2550-3400 UAH.

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