"After unfortunate attempt the vice-chairman of regional council told me: "Live, now I will personally protect you! And if the consequence proves my participation – I will be hung up"

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As it was already reported on a site "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT "in Nikolayevshchina the vice-chairman of one of regional councils employed "the bum - the shahid" to undermine the objectionable businessman

. Recently criminal case concerning the deputy head of one of regional councils who volunteered to organize for 100 thousand dollars murder of the local farmer in interests of his competitor was brought to trial.

To what crisis can bring the person! In Nikolayevshchina the lack of money and inaccessibility of the bank credits pushed the businessman from the rural remote place on extreme measures - he decided to correct a situation, having agreed on a role of the killer. Especially as I made the proposal... one of heads of the area.

"A glove in which "demolition man" worked, at the time of explosion rejected meters on ten. Together with fingers"

- A year ago one of vice-chairmen of regional council Valentin Zagoruyko helped the business owner Boris Fedko to obtain the interest-free credit for combine purchase, - told "FACTS" in the Center of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. - Recently Zagoruyko called the borrower several times per day with a reminder that it is time to return money (about 20 thousand hryvnias), but the invariable in reply sounded: "While there is nothing". Then - that the official (and the deputy in one person) offered Fedko: pier, you can pay off and on - to another, works of everything is that for ten minutes - it is necessary "to move away" one farmer. It is necessary to notice that the deputy with the debtor was connected not simply by friendship, and a fighting brotherhood: both served in due time in Afghanistan.

Together with the vice-chairman of regional council Fedko started preparing attempt on 50 - the summer farmer Victor Bankovsky.

- Approximately days for ten before me tried to blow up, on my mobile phone Zagoruyko called:say, at it urgent business to me, - is remembered by Victor. - We with it live in one village, in 15 kilometers from the district. In the evening, happened, I will drive up to his house, but each time one answer: the owner that still is absent, already sleeps. And tomorrow again calls and reminds that conversation urgent! It turns out, the meeting could take place only in the area. I as if had a presentiment - didn't go and didn't go. But it didn't lag behind.

At the end of January to Bankovsky everything is it was succeeded to find time for a trip to the district. Having parked the "Field - Chevrolet" it is opposite sports - technical club, Victor Grigoryevich came into an office of the chairman of regional society of soldiers - internationalists which was headed by Zagoruyko.

- While Zagoruyko distracted the victim conversations, his fellow soldier put the radio-controlled explosive device in the car of the farmer, - the senior special investigator of regional management of militia Dmitry Shulgin tells. - Unexpectedly "bomb" blew up in hands of Fedko who got heavy injuries. The glove in which Boris "worked", flew away meters on ten... together with his fingers. Having collected the strength, it crawled away from a car, picked up a proof and called the organizer of operation. Zagoruyko several times dumped calls, at last with irritation asked: "What is necessary? "

- Having heard an explosion sound, I approached to a window, - Bankovsky remembers. - "Field" stood still, anything suspicious it wasn't noticeable. Someone, I think, I threw a petard. And here my interlocutor ran out on the street and, having thrown through a shoulder: "Wait! ", I disappeared on half an hour. I called - I called on conversation - and suddenly I left one and I left! Having been indignant, I wanted to leave already, but here Zagoruyko returned.

- I was just on holiday, - the chief of regional department of militia Oleg Klymik remembers. - Subordinates called and reported: in regional hospital with the torn-off hand the inhabitant of the district is hospitalized. He told that allegedly went at noon on the settlement, found a petard, and it directly at it in hands and blew up. Anything to myself, I think, a petard - to the person a hand amputated! Then Fedko changed indications supposedly found not a petard, and any box. So we brought criminal case in the beginning upon illegal storage of the explosive device concerning the unknown person, and Fedko was at us a victim. He called the street where allegedly I picked up a box, but there anybody didn't hear explosion and blood or other traces didn't find.But it is near sports - technical club all asphalt was beaten as if hundreds small balls blew up at the same time.

"Zagoruyko not at once sent for a lattice. He directed a month more, sitting in the office"

- It isn't necessary to be the big detective to understand: not fireworks and not a petard are guilty, - Bankovsky speaks. - Though by car of damages I didn't notice, at once I paid attention on rolling near my glass car - it reminded ground part of a shell (I once served in army therefore I can speak with confidence). Moreover the fragments of the mobile phone scattered around...

- Examinations confirmed: under the car tried to enclose the explosive device, - the investigator Shulgin continues. - While we established truth - who tried to kill the farmer and for what, - started talking in Fedko's hospital. The poor fellow confessed that murder, and the organizer of a crime - the vice-chairman of regional council prepared. Victor's competitor addressed to this official. For Bankovsky's elimination it was promised to the deputy of 100 thousand dollars, and a half of the sum is paid in the advance payment. Zagoruyko is arrested and now there is in Nikolaevsk a pre-trial detention center, charge is brought to it. This person held a high position in the area, had levers of the power in hands and manipulated people in the interests as wanted. It has many debtors, including among "Afghans". It is enough to tell that next day after explosion the person came to regional management of SBU and declared what exactly he tried to blow up the car of the farmer, that is took all blame. Zagoruyko, it appeared, and I tired out him in debts, besides I promised to strive about the apartment. Former "Afghan" decided to help in such a way to the fighting sworn brother, but when to it opened eyes, having explained that it is necessary to carry out in prison the whole 15 years, a doubtful invention instantly refused.

- On a question of militiamen who could "order" me, I told at once the name of the competitor, - Bankovsky explains. - Not so long ago the large-scale enterprise broke up. A half of workers the property and land certificates (shares) carried to me, and a half - to it. Problem that villagers had not property, and only the rights for it, and these rights entrusted me for five years. Who has more than shares, to that current departs - the regional commission so solved. That is the granaries, quite good weight economy appeared at me. If "to move away" me, people will have no place to disappear, they will go to the competitor, and current will appear at it.The colleague considered current as the ancestral lands, tried to receive, having involved administrative levers. Didn't leave. That's when I decided on extreme measures. Right after state of emergency him arrested. But if Zagoruyko admitted that received from "customer" of 50 thousand dollars for the organization of my murder, plot would pull on "organized criminal group", and in this case responsibility where is more serious. In a word, the one who "ordered" me while let out. Zagoruyko too not at once sent for a lattice. He directed a month more, sitting in the office. As - that I hid a dictophone in a pocket and went to it. If, I speak, conceived to kill, so all the same you will kill. What you want from me? That left from here? Tell, I will leave. It to me in reply:" Live, now I will personally protect you! And if the consequence proves my participation in attempt, I will be hung up". Another time happened on the street, he tried to thrust to me into a pocket invitation on any regional action. "No, - I speak, - isn't necessary. I once already received from you the invitation to a next world, any more I don't want! "

- Zagoruyko? - the chairman of regional council Mikhail Kovalchuk asks again. - Three years it went in my deputies. Before I worked as the first deputy head of the district state administration. It isn't believed that the such could happen! For all these shock! In our area still such wasn't that disputes were solved by means of explosions. Solid after all the person - a family, children, grandsons... In the 53 years of much I reached, I was held in respect, and suddenly - on you! Who could think? ! Crisis heats one behind another farms, all tighten belts. But people, nevertheless, remain people. I long considered that Zagoruyko isn't capable on such that all conversations - hearings. But all - arrested its. Here, we wait for court...

"I have five children. For them God, probably, also kept me"

Why the farmer on whom attempt prepared, remained is live, a question separate.

- Conspirators used at production of the explosive device 76 - a millimetric shell of times of the Great Patriotic War, - the investigator Shulgin speaks. - It filled with trotyl, and as a detonator served two conducting, let on a usual low-voltage bulb. When the signal goes on a bulb, the thread is heated, setting fire to gunpowder, that flashes and detonates on trotyl. From time trotyl dampened a little therefore explosion was not so powerful.If there was an electrodetonator, scattering of splinters would exceed one thousand meters, and from the car and the demolition man hardly something remained. Moreover, everything who incidentally was in this radius would suffer.

- Then explosion sounded at the wrong time. Why?

- Before carrying out "operation" three newcomers were bought these - cards on three mobile phones. Here one of these this - cards just also was activated at the time of a laying of the explosive device - settings or usual spam, "garbage" which comes from time to time to any number came to it... So the case disposed.

- I have five children, two of them already students, and the others - children, the most younger two years, - Victor Bankovsky frowns. - For them God, probably, also kept me. And still I am a person not greedy: honestly I pay off with owners of shares. On a next world with yourself after all you won't take anything. The only thing that belongs to us, - our soul therefore I try to keep it clean. I after all in 1986 arrived to these places, began to work as the judo coach, then life coolly turned, it was necessary to be engaged in the earth. I had hard times. In 1990-е and for 50 hryvnias of a debt could do in. But at the beginning of the Ukrainian independence was what to divide: all around national mine all around! Now the situation is more difficult: any property has the owner. To take away! It is possible, it appears, and such way to leave crisis. The most mean survives, say. But that happened to me, completely disproves this doubtful truth. Such serious plan received such pathetic embodiment because the highest forces interfered.

By the way, - the blaster who remained without hand, Bankovsky doesn't take offense at the performer. Speaks, this is the unfortunate person driven into a corner by vital circumstances. Such now there is a lot of.

- If he doesn't know me, I in general to him wouldn't have claims, and that after all we are well familiar, - Bankovsky swings the head. - It was faced by a task everything to arrange so that explosion sounded when I will come back home. Bakhnulo so that I could and please under counter KAMAZ. Brake way would measure, on that and trial would end. Unless isn't present? On that also counted.

And here the farmer doesn't intend to forgive to the organizer of a crime deeds.

- Zagoruyko very wealthy person who aspired to bigger, - Victor Grigoryevich speaks. - And thus I disdained nothing.And here result - the next 15 years it, most likely, will carry out on plank beds. At least, I very much hope for it.

P.S. Names of suspects are changed in the interests of the investigation.


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