The concentration camp for the aged mother arranged 53 - summer nikolayevets

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The echo of the Great Patriotic War organized 53 - the summer inhabitantNikolaev. In the apartment it suited an operating concentration camp for the 85 - summer mother who in due time in 1943 already passed similar tests.

The son ruthlessly beat the mother and starved. For not worker of the fanatic to select at aged pension and to disfigure it a face was a commonplace, besides it derived pleasure from the actions and considered that he ego-trips before by itself.

The technique of mockeries was to idle time pain. That day when mummy received pension, the sonny appropriated all money to kopek and went to fornication, leaving the out-of-pocket old woman of existence and also "on a path" I could beat it, or pour out it on the head a bowl with a borsch. The ailing woman remained some days alone hungry while the sonny again didn't come back home without money, and with new claims to mother continued to scoff. So proceeded about a year while to the house the local militia inspector didn't welcome.

Sergey works recently as the local police inspector, and the work treats responsibly. This time he welcomed on a visit and, despite of words of the man that at them with mother everything is all right, came into the room of the old woman. "Everything is all right" was not absolutely as it should be. In the middle of the room on a floor the aged woman with the blood-stained person lay and didn't give life signs. Sergey called at once the ambulance. Doctors well made the business, despite of old age, the old woman sustained difficult operation (cranial trepanation) and already recovered consciousness.

Her son was detained by guards. Now, on - visible, she long won't see the executioner.


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