The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs - murderers "отмазывают" through "mental hospital"!

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Protection convinces court that guys are mentally unhealthy.

Trial of three "Dnepropetrovsk maniacs", 21 person accused of murder, is postponed until July 2. So much time is required to the new lawyer of one of accused Igor Suprunyuk to examine business. His previous defender - Victor Chevguz, refused Suprunyuk's protection. According to the official version, a cause of failure - a state of health. On informal, impossibility to convince court of diminished responsibility of the cruel and cool murderer.

The matter is that from the very beginning of process protection chose tactics to convince court that Suprunyuk - the madman, and it should be not punished, and to treat. For this purpose Victor Chevguz offered carrying out a number of the new is judicial - psychiatric examinations, and not in Dnepropetrovsk where, in his opinion, the public is too antagonistically adjusted to accused, and in Kiev or Kharkov. After information publication that maniacs "отмажут" in the local press, across Dnepropetrovsk the indignation wave swept: "Will treat few years and will release home, - inhabitants of the massif the Red Stone are terrified (where there lived Suprunyuk. - Bus), - and it again will start killing".

Lawyers of victims are sure that all of them are mentally healthy. "Their actions were coordinated, and accurately cast, - one of lawyers of victims Eugeny Chmara tells. - Leaving on crimes, they carefully hid murder tools - hammers and iron pipes in plastic bags, took with itself water for washing and replaceable clothes. Being kneeling near painfully dying people, Suprunyuk and Saenko serially posed before a lens, characteristic gesture - extended forward and up a hand - a nazi symbol "road to the sky". Suprunyuk gathered newspaper cuttings, tracing the had effect".

Correspondents found "Today" new details in Suprunyuk's biography. It appears, in 2002 the teacher of the 96th school submitted the application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs that Suprunyuk and Alexander Ganzha (one more maniac) made concerning it hooligan actions (at school said that it was rape). As a result criminal case didn't bring - "отмазал" the father. Suprunyuk simply transferred to the next school, and Ganzhu - to technical training college.

Locals remember that else at school the Trinity directed horror on the district."Nobody wrote applications in militia because Suprunyuk's influential father could "work out questions", Igor - not the madman. It was ruined by blind parental love, permissiveness and impunity. If then in 2002 - m in the matter of the teacher make them responsible, murders wouldn't be", - neighbors are sure.

KUCHMA'S PILOT.Igor Suprunyuk's father - Vladimir told "Today" that it long time worked as the commander of crew for "Yuzhmashavia" and carried at that time the plant manager Leonid Kuchma. After Danilych became a prime minister, Supurnyuk continued to carry it, however, only across Ukraine.


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