"I will strongly beat, but it is accurate! " or whether there was a fight on Nikolaev "The delta - the pilot"?

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In Nikolaev the Internet - editions there was a note that in BSMP of the city of Nikolaev with cherepno - the brain trauma delivered on April 28 the chairman of trade-union committee of GP "The Delta — Lotsma" Vladislav Pivovarov. And allegedly this he was traumatized owing to fieriness and aggressive actions from the first deputy of GP "The Delta — the Pilot", Shchurikov Nikolay.

Concerning a note in Nikolaev the Internet - editions "The delta - the pilot" Nikolay Shchurikov the administration of the enterprise declares beating of the chairman of trade-union committee Vladislav Pivovarov by the first deputy director of GP that information stated in a material, doesn't answer reality. And moreover, is slander which extends employees of one of trade-union committees of this enterprise with the purpose to dishonor honor and dignity of one of directors and business reputation of DP "The Delta — the Pilot" as a whole.
Upon distribution of inveracious information the first deputy director of DP "The Delta — the Pilot" Nikolay Shchurikov addressed with the statement to the chief of UMVS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Uvarov with a request to carry out an inspection of the specified facts.
"I claim that the fact of beating of Pivovarov V. V. by me wasn't. But as actions which are described by some mass media carry signs of criminal act, in order to avoid falsification of proofs against me, I ask to carry out an inspection of the specified facts on which results to inform me in writing", is spoken in Shchurikov's statement.
As tell in sector on public relations of the Nikolaev city police station, yesterday from BSMP reported that the person who was beaten by unknown arrived. The police officers who have arrived to hospital were convinced that the g - N of Brewers got bruises and stretchings (about cherepno - a brain trauma the speech didn't go), to it gave first aid, and it went home. Vladislav Pivovarov decided not to make the statement for beating.

As employees "The delta - the pilot" report, yesterday some people witnessed that the chairman of trade-union committee left an office of the first deputy whole and safe. Too it is imprinted on surveillance cameras which are installed at an entrance to the building. And the same indications were written in official reports by security service. He got into the car and left.

There is a version that this incident - continuation of civil strife of team of the last director Victor Bezdolny and team of the new director Alexander Golodnitsky. Now at the enterprise two operating trade-union committees. And two heads of trade-union committee. And according to employees "The delta - the pilot", from 1500 employees of the enterprise, at Pivovarov are served only 300. The second trade-union committee, under the leadership of Alexander Balakirev received today the status of the same primary link of the enterprise, as well as Vladislav Pivovarov's trade-union committee.

As Nikolay Shchurikov told, yesterday in a director's office conversation which concerned idea of association of two trade-union committees in one took place. At it were present the director "The delta - the pilot" Golodnitsky, the first deputy Shchurikov and Brewers. Conversation took place with voices raised and concerned also labor union wastes, from - for what its accounts were arrested. Brewers I didn't provide reports on the order money. And after holidays there will be results of audit commission on labor union activity.

Provocations against the existing management of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" устаиваются it is quite frequent. For example, incident when some mass media distributed information is remembered that the dam constructed "The delta - the pilot" won't be open when the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko already went it to open.

Possibly, the former management can't still forgive itself defeat and теплит hopes to return to a monetary place, and the people who have remained from old team, in every way cling to familiar spots. But also new team on these places it is quite cozy, and therefore nobody intends to concede them. And it means that the stated history will have continuation, and moreover, becomes far not the last …


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