That 23 - the summer wife didn't run away once again, the Nikolaev artist locked her with two small children in the semibasement room

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23- summerinhabitant of the Nikolaev area, being in marriage with 54 - the summer Nikolaev artist, probably, really I was going to live with it all his life … But at all I didn't suspect, the creative person is capable of what "eccentricities". For example, to put her with small children for some monthsunder house arrestin a semi-basementny placement on Potemkinskaya St.

At the beginning of March with the statement in militia I addressed 54 - summer nikolayevets Sergey who reported that his lawful spouse Irina and twodisappearedsmallchildren, to one of which here - 2 years here will be executed, and the second was born only three months ago.

The thrown husband itself was engaged some weeks in searches of the spouse, hanging out announcements on columns in the area, but these actions were ineffectual. And then itI wrote the application for family disappearance in the Central regional department of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia. Militiamen began searches and as children were persons involved in this business, the case was submitted to department of criminal militia for children AtMVD in the Nikolaev area.

Whenmilitiamenbegan разбираться in a situation- it became clear that the family lived in the semibasement room in bad, almost unsuitable for lifeconditions. At the end of February to the young woman there arrived mother then the lady with children and was gone.

The woman found in the city Exactly. She agreed to arrive itself, but refused to bring children categorically. As storyываетIrina, life with the husband - the artist didn't develop. And she more than once tried to run away with children from a grief - the father, but he constantly returned her and … put under the lock.It proceededfor two years, and the last two months it and two children in general "bezvylazno" were under house arrest.

Fatherутверждаетthat by the creativity earns decentlyandthat money for life always sufficed, but trying to be convinced of it police officers found absolutely other picture …

In turn Sergey some time ago repeatedly submitted applications to militia for own wife, accusing her of theft. But further statements business didn't go as the man took away them at once after arrival of police officers.

Situation if to speak frankly, very confused.

With Sergey preventive discussion was led, but he remained to insist on the - children I won't give, I can provide them to all. Militiamen advised it to appeal to court which will solve - whether such parent of children not only from the material point of view, but also from the moral may contain.

Irina, meanwhile, also wrote in return the application in militia. Materials are collected and transferred to prosecutor's office. The issue of initiation of legal proceedings according to Art. 146, is resolved h. 2 - illegal imprisonment or the kidnapping, made rather juvenile or from mercenary motives, concerning two or more persons … or way, life-threatening or health of the victim or which was accompanied by causing to it physical sufferings … or carried out for a long time.

Such is it, marriage evolutions - at first the free artist didn't lower from the young girl of eyes, and then - didn't giveitdescent. With whom there are fruits of this love,kids,anyway, will solvecourt.


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